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Weather vane sends divine dragon east 2 factories will guide beautiful 407 and b
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Beautiful 407 exteriors

Beautiful 407 exteriors

Gao Wei of reporter of ◆ every classics

Weather vane sends Tang Teng of vise general manager to disclosed to the reporter a few days ago east, the east wind sign that is about to build advanced car is more advanced even in sending 3 platform to will guide other product, beautiful 407

Tang Teng tells a reporter: "The product more with beautiful east wind is to originate our law square company, we can take good product to produce and sale of Chinese a future life to make work, more familiar now like everybody 407, 607. We the 2nd factory should build go into operation immediately is a mark, future 407 located in advanced more advanced even other product can be in in introducing a plan. " Tang Teng thinks, potential of development of Chinese market future is tremendous, east wind is beautiful introduce the plan that also has a series to new car, center of research and development of PSA group China is in Shanghai to had built at present, each fractionize markets of prospective China can see the product with beautiful east wind.

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