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This Guangzhou cropland confirms 1.8L " small elegant cabinet " will homebred
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Exterior of new Sai Di

Report from our correspondent (reporter Gao Sha) on September 10, this cropland Motor Corporation is exhibited in Thailand car on released brand-new generation 1.8 litres of cars, when to introduce about this new car homebred the heat that becomes near future media and consumer attention. Between Chengdu car exhibition period, this Guangzhou cropland confirms to the reporter about chief, this Guangzhou cropland been beginninging a hand to prepare this the fund is so-called " small elegant cabinet

According to introducing, "Small elegant cabinet " it is a when Motor Corporation develops this field for rising market country technically intermediate car, it adopted brand-new technical platform, no matter be the appearance, dimension, motivation, change that configuration had thoroughly remould oneself. It will be deployed mix with engine of 1.8 litres of I-VTEC 5 fast automatic gear-box, the configuration such as steering wheel and consider region almost identical also. At present " small elegant cabinet " official name still is discussed in the manufacturer in.

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