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Carry out 39.8-52 sells contemporary Laoensi 10 thousand yuan this year target 1
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The graph is contemporary Lao Ensi

23 days, contemporary Laoensi (Rohens) appears on the market in Chinese market. As we have learned, the Laoensi that appears on the market this has 2 platoons to measure 4 models, among them 3.3L comfortable edition makes work 398 thousand yuan, luxurious edition makes work 439 thousand yuan, top class edition makes work 488 thousand yuan, 3.8L top class edition makes work 520 thousand yuan.

According to introducing, the Laoensi that appears on the market this in China chose engine of 3.3 litres of V6 Lambda and engine of 3.8 litres of V6 Lambda, need 7.6 seconds, 7 seconds only respectively to 100KM/h quickly. This car still was used active electronic-controlled air suspension and DOWN FORCE technology. Through the car advocate the choice drives mode and condition of car of car intelligence perception, height of Lao Ensi automobile body will the hand is moved or be able to adjust actively, can change pattern of drive a vehicle quickly thereby. In addition, when speed per hour achieves 120km and maintaining 10 seconds above, lao Ensi (the DOWN FORCE technology that Rohens) automobile body can reduce 15mm actively, the automobile body when increasing travel of car high speed is stable, also reduced the wind block below high speed condition at the same time, brought economy of high speed fuel.

In security aspect, double before gasbag, around discharges side safety gasbag, installation discharges side safety to enrage shade in the around of roof, the person that can multiply to all driving is offerred for a short while protection, it is the configuration of high level in passive protection. In addition, its still provided brake support system (BAS) and electronic brake dispatching system (EBD) , its are four-wheel prevent hold dead disk brake in the arms, can increase the security of car apply the brake.

According to contemporary (China) relevant controller discloses, lao Ensi will roll out 5 years / 100 thousand kilometer guarantees, maintain freely 5 times wait for after service, and its market target is to sold 1000 2008, sell 2000-3000 next year.

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