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Sales volume hopeful turns over eulogize this year time confident to Chinese mar
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Growth of luxurious car market is rapid, the brand of car of 3 big a person of extraordinary powers that day fastens already also garrisoned China contend this one market, but development posture differs however very big, with Lei Ke Sasibi rises, acura(eulogize) still be in in domestic development start level. A few days ago, in eulogize technology of super four-wheel drive experiences meeting site, this cropland ability grinds industry (China) clear water of minister of Acura career ministry is protected correct accepted reporter special report, clear water protects Kuang Biao to show, at present eulogize is spent in the brand acknowledge of Chinese market not tall, sale network also needs further expansion, but confident to Chinese market.

   The hope is short-term inside brand acknowledge is spent amount to 90%

This cropland Acura(eulogize) the day that is market of car of a person of extraordinary powers of North America of the first contend fastens high-end brand, 20 will already accumulated 330 much users for years. Nevertheless, it garrisons China also just a year many, as a successor, this cropland thinks at present the most pressing is promotion the trademark is well-known degree. Clear water protects Kuang Biao to show, through market research, eulogize was in last year domestic market is famous degree have 35% only, rise to 65% this year, but still insufficient, eulogize hopes to be in short-term inside realize the brand acknowledge of 90% to spend.

China is the 2nd market that eulogize puts in in the whole world, japanese mainland still does not have eulogize brand at present. Clear water protects Kuang Biao to show, the market dimensions of China, latent capacity that expands foreground and market of car of a person of extraordinary powers is the payoff that eulogize puts in. Putting in 3 models in all in Chinese market eulogize at present, price interval goes to 700 thousand yuan in 400 thousand yuan. The total sales volume last year is 1402, luxurious SUV -- MDX sales volume is the largest, amount to 976. The plan sells 2500 this year, but look from current sale status predict 3000 to be able to achieve 2800 ~ , can realize sales volume to break up time.

Although SUV model MDX is in China most popular, but clear water protects Kuang Ren to be, this attributes individual phenomenon, will look with respect to global market, what market of car of a person of extraordinary powers takes central place still is a car, because this eulogize will enhance the promotion strength of the car. Express, no matter Sino-US, TL is the key model of eulogize, 09 TL that hope the end of the year appears on the market have better market performance.

  Network of augment of the plan before 2010 reachs 50

Rinse one pace emphasized Bao Kuangjin the value that the network builds, he expresses, the rapid growth of the promotion that brand acknowledge spends, sales volume and network build be closely bound up, the Chongzhongzhi that the position that strengthens a network is nowadays eulogize development is heavy.
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