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Forbes: 8 may enter the Chinese car of American market
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The expert thinks, rely on many capital investment, low cost labour force and increasingly mature production technology, china is destined to export those who make car and truck big country.

The near future, the United States the feedback opinion that the website reachs the expert inside course of study according to of all kinds report chooses Forbes the Chinese car that singled out 8 to enter American market the most likely. At present these cars all were not announced specific the time that enters American market. Whether does the taste that lets us see old beauty now exist with us what difference! (Note: The rank does not divide order)

1, Hua Chen BS4(namely fine horse nimble of home)

Hua Chen is Chinese head home to establish the car look forward to of distribute inn in England, the company rolled out BS6 car the earliest (namely of home honour gallop) , rolled out again later compact model car BS4. Hua Chen ever expressed to will be in " future inside two years " exit car goes to the United States.

BS4 designs company Italy Pininfarina to hold a knife by famous car, the appearance is exactly like BMW. The BS4 that is the same as stage athletics in England and Fox carries 1.8 litres of 4 crock engine, include edition of turbine pressure boost. Outside eliminating basic model, BS4 still will provide Wagon and cruel clique model.

2, Biyadi F3/F3R

Biyadi ever was exhibited in car of 8 years of North America going up to be revealed to American consumer is a model. The report says Biyadi plans prospective 3-5 year put the United States on the market.

The model that can enter American market than Yadike is Biyadi F3 is compact model car and edition of its both sides, this car carries 3 water chestnut 1.5 litres of 4 crock engine, highest speed per hour 105 miles. But the safe configuration that Biyadi must increase to need partly before the United States builds point of sales, if side gasbag and car stabilize control equipment.

3, CS6 of long abundant cheetah

The long abundant car that is located in Hunan Province basically produces SUV and Pi Ka, ceng Yu 07 reach 8 years twice to visit North America car to exhibit. Long abundant ever also announced to plan to sell a car in the United States, but did not announce schedule.

Cheetah CS6 is based on the medium-sized SUV that Pajieluopingtaisheng produces 3 water chestnut for. Tong Huachen BS4 is same, cheetah CS6 holds knife design by Pininfarina company, modelling of arc of its automobile body is exactly like contemporary Shengdafei. Cheetah CS6 is offerred 2 rounds with version of 4 rounds of drive, engine configuration includes edition of 2.5 litres of derv and edition of 2.4 litres of benzine. This car still offers a lot of convenience configuration, be like but open scuttle, DVD and navigation system. But the gasbag that do not have side and car stabilize control equipment.
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