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The 1 millionth truckload get offline east wind day produces sprint the first a
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Guangzhou automobile manufacturing industry again " the door that jump dragon " . Recently, east wind day is produced spend in Guangzhou greeted its by the factory that use a car of the 1 millionth car get offline, this fancy fine horse

East wind day produces vise general manager to hold the post of brave to express, with the 1 millionth truckload -- , of new generation strange fine horse get offline for the mark, east wind day produces the period of the 2nd gold that entered career progress. East wind day is produced will according to 2008-2012 the target that long-term career progress plans a set in year and strategy, march toward quickly " China takes the market that use a car the first a group army " .

   Speed grows banner industry

Go to the 200 thousandth from the 100 thousandth, east wind day is produced used 13 months time; Go to the 500 thousandth from the 400 thousandth, used 6 months; Go to the 1 millionth from the 900 thousandth, used only 3 many short lunar time. East wind day is produced when be being used only 5 years 3 0 months close 1 million times greatly with respect to the breakthrough, become accumulative total to produce the car company with 1 million the rapiddest rate.

Current, east wind day is produced had had new generation sounds of nature

  Produce per year inside 5 years annul be about to amount to 500 thousand

2008, east wind day is produced start new Five-Year Plan formally -- , long-term career progress plans 2008-2012 in year, the time that influences with 5 years certainly " enter China to take the firm that use a car the first a group army " target. According to new Five-Year Plan, 2010, the market that east wind day produces has the famous general that lead a platoon to enter industry front row; 2011-2012 year, year sale exceeds 500 thousand.

To realize this one dream, in coming 5 years, east wind day is produced will guide the new car of 7 above, perfect product position further, the key makes 3 year of star product that sales volume controls 100 thousand times. Meanwhile, east wind day is produced still will promote ability of research and development, production engineering capability with all one's strength, optimize network position, increase specialize in inn amount.

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