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Exclusive: Guangzhou abundant cropland reduction of output 10%
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Latest news of dispatches from foreign news agency, because sales volume of Chinese car market puts delay, joint-stock factory of China of Feng Tian Motor Corporation will lower yield accordingly.

  Photograph at factory of Guangzhou abundant cropland workshop of triumphant beauty luck

Day classics news (Nikkei) 28 days of reports, factory of abundant cropland Guangzhou will be moved by the crop that use a car low 10% , this factory is in at least the step that rein in of the meeting inside a few months produces future. The report did not point out the message cuts source truly.

Current, hideaki Homma of abundant cropland spokesman has not report at this point publish any comments.

Since China will appear 3 years by the sales volume that use a car August glide first, glide extent is 6.2% . Association of Chinese auto industry expresses, stock market of together with of delay of economic growth hasten is small fan brought about consumer purchasing power to reduce, 8 years Chinese car produce and sale defeats the target of ten million to will come to nothing.

On September 24, company of Guangzhou abundant field carries out vice-president Feng Xingya to announce external, although car city glides, wide abundant still can achieve sales volume goal of 8 years. 7 years sales volume increases Guangzhou abundant field compared to the same period be as high as 300% , 8 years sales volume target is 210 thousand, grow 24% compared to the same period.

Data shows, sales volume will increase Guangzhou abundant field compared to the same period August this year 4% to 13, 781, the rank in look forward to of the car that use a car is taken in China the 9th. 7 years Chinese city takes Guangzhou abundant field rate for 4% .

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