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China morning car: Stand in the learner on others shoulder
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In FRV workshop, the worker is soldering automobile body, solder partly among them the job is finished by the robot

Borrow Li Fengtian, BMW, hua Chen completes the pupil transformation to the undergraduate

Mysterious new plant

The China morning car of nearly 400 thousand square metre in 3 storeroom, still still place of thousands of new car is here, the 6th acting sea lion that nimble of Cong Zunchi, fine horse goes to to just appeared on the market of cars of these subject Yu Huachen " soldier " be here when the bugle that leave factory.

The security personnel that stand sentry is pointing to what had been surrounded into circuit in the center of storeroom to protect column and telling a reporter in the bulldozer of construction, hua Chen and the new plant of China morning BMW should begin construction immediately. After a year, do not need one year probably, everything current will make a history forever, and acting will be unpluggingly and the new factory building that have.

Accompany a reporter one case the ministry of public relations of China morning car of explore battalion is in charge of Wang Ping to tell a reporter, before its become storeroom of China morning car really, this land still belongs to Liaoning to visit Shenyang town big east area jail. If be not place of reporter saw with one's own eyes to see, the Hua Chen that believes this is in recent years media height pays close attention to very hard simply is new factory base. But Men Qianmao is built like close weed, blockhouse, and of forbidding guard enough explains, be in not only in the past, include now, here still is a secret place.

Drive car is headed for from China morning gate sponsor fair building -- , building of a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China, can see one is being engraved on the road " Jin Beifeng cropland is friendly " monumental, at the back of the trace that mottleds as years on monument and building of a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China workshop of that brand-new still Hua Chenbao horse formed bright contrast.

3 workshop witness 3 kinds of mode

Along with the person in charge of public relations ministry that covers all right Wang Ping tells a reporter, at the back of monument those are shown slightly old old factory building is sea lion and Ge Ruisi, from 1989 collaboration begins He Fengtian, the history that fine number rises to had had near 20 years. And the BMW of joint-stock company 3 departments, 5 departments are from the back of building of a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China get offline in brand-new workshop, what endure China morning BMW closely is the plant area of China oneself then.

3 workshop just witnessed 3 kinds of cars of Hua Chen to make way. He Fengtian's is to belong to property of transfer of technology, the product technology that spends money to buy others namely and production technology; The China and foreign countries that belongs to a model with the collaboration of BMW is joint-stock the way that proposes a factory to build a car; China car is character of the most pivotal own product development.
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