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Wo Erwo and Reynolds accelerate process of conformity of global truck business
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Last week, wo Erwo lorry developed the brigade activity that China experiences in shopping mall of Guangzhou Beijing road. Woerwoxi hopes to reveal its through the activity FH lorry and FM lorry are in the advantage of an oily environmental protection, safe respect.

The Woerwo that produces high-end truck is in China at present the main problem that the market faces is, higher price makes its open sales volume quickly hard. But hold the post of Woerwoka newly Bo Tianjian of land of president of car China division says, low end won't be produced in China lorry, consumer will accept better product eventually. Land still gets stuck integrated Wo Erwo lorry of car, Reynolds, day to produce Chai San brand, plan to roll out Woerwo to mix dynamical lorry in China.

As we have learned, car price is in Woerwoka 800 thousand - 1 million yuan or so. Before this year August, wo Erwo lorry sells 69181, grow 16% compared to the same period. Among them Asian area grows 32% compared to the same period. Wo Erwo did not leak the particular sale data that is in China.

Reporter (the following abbreviation " write down " ) : Humorous of neon of  of discharge of Shi of a surname of ǔ of earnest of brother's son  " insane of the first month of Li of a kind of reed post?

Land rich day (the following abbreviation " land " ) : By Chinese mainland the enterprise creates share of market of Shi discharge?0% , be told so to the foreign trader, china is the market with a very intense competition. European brand is current market share is inferior, among them the custom duty that a reason is China is opposite and character is taller. The 2nd reason is Chinese product average price is inferior. The price is low because a few relevant law laws and regulations of Chinese follow Europe,be not quite same. We produce the lorry of efficient, safe, environmental protection to raise cost, can reflect go up in the price. But Chinese client demand is occurrent change, china follows the code that code conforms related international in formulate at the same time, requirement lorry can reach certain level in respect of safe environmental protection.

Write down: Does  carapace unplug brother's son  sinceres ǔ a surname brags Zou crotch first whether does? of  of conspicuous of tan1huan4 of fat island acenaphthene plan to produce low lorry to answer Chinese market to compete?

Land: Lamp of ǔ of earnest of brother's son  puts analyse dispatch to change Rong   to because we are right,cast? of filar ǔ archives safe, environmental protection, quality has very high demand.

The price is a sensitive element really, be in China especially. Below the setting that rises in price in raw material, seeking a way to reduce cost is must. For instance we try not to put all research and development in Europe, the hope shares global resource to reduce cost thereby. But what I should emphasize is, reduce cost and do not mean compromise is made in quality respect, also do not want to offer the product with more cheap price to the market on behalf of us.
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