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Large space achievement is exalted enjoy, zinger of 3 water chestnut gets offlin
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Southeast car recently message, what its introduce a quantity to produce is muti_function model Zinger of 3 water chestnut will get offline formally inside this month. According to southeast car in-house personage introduces, zinger of 3 water chestnut is distinctive " MICS-RV " fixed position, had established a brand-new image in broad consumer memory, its market prospect times suffer fix eyes upon.
As muti_function model, zinger of 3 water chestnut holds a business concurrently to use, recreational journey and even spend cross-country utility gently, capacious space and take comfortable sex to make Zinger is had do not be defeated at MPV take an experience. Medium and small businesses of Zinger fixed position advocate group, this part group asks to the car on the career relatively special also, space, motivation and interior trim exterior want the intention weighing a person of reach every aspect of a matter. Want to have the outward appearance that uses feeling style already, can become the good assistant on its career again, act as the main tool that carries passenger transport to be defeated, can build atmosphere of as free as the client communication " mobile parlor " .
One of main model concepts of Zinger of 3 water chestnut are vast space, its " MICS-RV " in fixed position " I " (Interior Roominess&The space with capacious MPV of Riding Comfort) delegate and take a surname measurable. Use Pajieluo the batholith of sex of Challenger Gao Gang with old classics of familial all previous, wheelbase is as long as 2720mm, its are the biggest the backlash buy object space of depth 1640mm, bicycle and beach car can put in; 2 4/6 depart and can break up before fold, 3 55 side break up, developed the character that MPV space changes neatly, more show convenience; capacious backlash space is tie-in and exclusive air conditioning of backlash air conditioning, make backlash passenger same have comfortable and happy take enjoy. Exceed large boot space so, in the car that be the same as class absolutely matchless, start to talk after that amount to 106 centimeter hind bottom of compartment end door is designed, let assemble and unassemble article is very relaxed also.
Tell from traditional sense, the comfortable sex of MPV reflects what making large space, tall configuration to give an environment centrally. Zinger crosses bound breakthrough on the foundation that takes these character, the side fender with most MPV massiness, fruity flank modelling photograph goes very far, zinger is large round of arc and car side skirt place protruding to reveal SUV campaign style, 1.81 meters height gets off on your passenger more show comfortable; to be on safety performance, zinger enough turns up his nose at a large number of heroes, use bodywork of sex of Gao Gang of RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) , the set of the gasbag of double safety of security; tie-in front seat in can ensuring in high strenth concussion collides, offer a car advocate the as most perfect as the passenger safety caresses; 4 are prevented bump into girder to reduce flank effectively to bump degree, can;burst;ulcerate;fester shrink type direction column absorbs collision to bring energy, reduce directional column to invade cab inside, enhance security substantially.
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