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Large space achievement is exalted enjoy, zinger of 3 water chestnut gets offlin
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In dynamical respect, zinger carries carry to use motor of 2.0 MIVEC of technology of 3 water chestnut, most high-power is as high as 108 Kw /6400 Rpm, the biggest torque can amount to 190N.m/4750rpm, let Zinger be in start reach all react quickly acute, more reached Europe IV level, give attention to two or morethings is efficient with environmental protection.
The personage inside course of study is commented on, in the country energy-saving below the great topological features that decreases a platoon, as consumer consumptive concept matures with each passing day, MPV fuel economy will become the main factor that consumer considers like comfortable sex, general MPV can not be likened to the crosses a boundary wind that the car swaged forging of the motive force with original Zinger and delicate craft and innovation builds a concept to bring, all these is exert oneself of 3 water chestnut make " MICS " quintessential place of the concept.

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