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Piao Zongwo holds the post of east wind Yue to amount to case inferior general m
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A few days ago, east wind Yue is amounted to case inferior square general manager of Han of car limited company changes handsome message to be in industry get about. At present the message has gotten confirming, piao Zongwo will replace the Gao Yuxi of the abdication before this, hold the position of east wind Yue to amount to case inferior square general manager of limited company Han one duty, become east wind Yue to amount to case inferior the 5th general manager that holds water 6 years to assume office. It is reported, after Piao Zongwo enters contemporary car from 1975, work in Korea sale cadre all the time up to now, there has been experience of 33 years of works in automobile industry. He says, he will be in himself photograph of actual condition of the successful experience of Korea and China is united in wedlock, bring a few new methods and strategy for the company.

1-9 month sales volume grows 45%

Profit from lion runs, the sell like hot cakes of Sailatu and acute Europe, east wind Yue is amounted to case inferior there was a bigger growth 2008. As average as month of 1-9 of course of study of person of the same trade the growth rate photograph of 8% is compared, east wind Yue is amounted to case inferior the sales volume of 45% is added fast your person is happy, and this grows impetus and did not put delay. As new the general manager that assume office, piao Zongwo thinks, 3 months that went 2008 are very crucial. He expresses, the saline city that has world top level at present the yield of the 2nd factory can the advantage has been shown, lion runs, Sailatu's sell like hot cakes has proved east wind Yue is amounted to case inferior in the market position, east wind Yue is amounted to case inferior will be in crucial the four seasons, the enthusiasm of before continueing to maintain 9 months, receive coming sale peak period. He thinks, future 3 months will be target of set of place of implementation the beginning of the year, make the decisive battle time of next solid bases for 9 years.

9 years two new cars will be introduced

The east wind Yue that built go into operation last year is amounted to case inferior the 2nd factory, it is not only east wind Yue is amounted to this year case inferior 45% growth offerred sales volume advantageous safeguard, also be many new product guide provided a space, more become prop up case inferior what send force in Chinese market is important one annulus. It is reported, they still will roll out two new cars that just appeared on the market in Korea in succession in China 2009, internal code name is TDc and AMc, among them TD and AM delegate model, c represents China (China) , the report of early days sale in Korea is first-rate. Case inferior Forte of new fund model is TDc in domestic code name, its prototype car is case inferior KOUP concept car, this car already was exhibited in the Beijing car this year April on showpiece. And AM is this year actually Parisian car is exhibited, case inferior what roll out with all one's strength is brand-new Crossover model Soul, what its are in China is final appear on the market time will be in 9 years to will be controlled in October likely. It is reported, this is an outer form and interior trim very the Crossover that offends an eye, make for fashionable youth only. The tall configuration that believes with Soul vogue practical design and Korea car are consistent and sexual price are compared, this is mixed model the car will be mixed to home model the fractionize market of the car brings many change.
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