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Wuxi Yue Shi Lin JAC started the car replacement
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    From now on, Wuxi Shi Lin JAC (news community image models) Pinnacle car replacement started, you need a phone, things will be after the

World Lin 4S stores in Wuxi to complete, to help you save time, money and energy . Car replacement is to use "old hand" to replace the new

car, it is to sell that old car and buy a new car two processes into one.
    Time :2010.7.1-2010 .10.1
    Used cars: Open Brand
    Process: Your telephone 4S shop, in front of old station booking time to assess sales consultants and valuers → valuation → home

assessment to determine a good used car prices and buy new cars → agreement signed by both parties to determine the purchase price of new

cars → car replacement : need a new car payment = new car prices - used car price → transfer procedures assessment
    Procedures need to provide used cars: the owner ID card, driving license, purchase invoices, purchase tax payment certificates and

invoices, motor vehicle registration certificate (or certificate), insurance policies and invoices, proof of maintenance fee collection,

vehicle use tax collection proof.
    Highlights: Price index for the introduction of authority and professional appraisal appraiser, to provide a scientific and fair

valuation model used cars
    As long as a telephone, professional appraiser free home evaluation
    Procedures involved transfer of vehicle ownership, all done by the 4S shop, for customers to sign and will make reservations in advance



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