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Yuan Kui-Wai, JAC Pinnacle car replacement started
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Recently, reporters from the JAC (news community image models) Lin 4S shop car world learned of Wuxi, JAC Pinnacle car replacement activities

in full swing.
    JAC Pinnacle car replacement launch vehicle activities, a grand old cars free of charge to the user valuation, replacement value price of

the double million favorable returns. Reporters learned at the event: JAC Pinnacle assess the introduction of second-hand car market index

and the price of the authority of professional appraisal appraiser, to provide a scientific and fair valuation model used cars so that

customers truly heart spectrum. Meanwhile, the JAC Pinnacle car replacement business is not for profit, but as to facilitate standardization

of customer service part of the JAC sedan. Assessment of used car customers can buy JAC Pinnacle Series discount brand new car, and JAC

Pinnacle ones who enjoy the highest reach 1 million.


    JAC Pinnacle as a new benchmark for its own brand, shape rounded, flowing lines of the design gives the vehicle the natural, harmonious,

just right of the visual beauty; spacious distribution of symmetry, balance, and full of atmosphere, the vehicle shape complement each other;

large aluminum rims coupled with delicate trim around the vehicle, heavy feeling wells up. Detail, in harmony with the overall organic at the

same time embedded in the appropriate comparison: the visual center of the ellipse and the five-star combination of LOGO, the external

display flexibility, rich inner tension; simple and elegant front grille, but the two-tone black and chrome highlights the contrast a strong

sense of hierarchy; water drop round moderate profile headlights, but the end of the ridge and three-dimensional simple C-shaped structure,

tail lights, also containing the infinite wisdom and tenacity.

JAC Pinnacle is known as "China's successful car" in the world. For the successful service, quality, comfort, safety is especially important.

Pinnacle after 5 million km super long runs, the equivalent of 130 laps around the equator, through the plateau, high temperature, cold,

high-speed, field and professional combination of cruel experimental field test in any harsh environment, can easily support control, overall

excellent reliability data.

Car comfort depends on multiple factors. Pinnacle 2790MM the long wheelbase, creating a spacious and comfortable first class air; U.S.

Johnson Controls, Inc. Seats, based on ergonomic design, long-distance anti-fatigue effect is remarkable; U.S. Modine smart air conditioning,

all-weather protection like spring; air purification systems and interior parts so successful ecological and health from time to time as

partners. At the same time highlighting the quality of vehicle noise, 120KM / h vehicle noise only 66dB, for the ride to provide a quiet and

comfortable ride environment; vehicle LOTUS tuned through Europe, and its even better handling and stability.
    Pinnacle nest with multiple enhancement-type body, integral side panels, three collapsible energy absorbing steering column compression

and ABS + EBD, and so active and passive safety design, so that successful people with comprehensive security. At the same time, adhering to

the JAC chassis 45 years first-class manufacturing skills, Pinnacle LOTUS chassis tuning by the careful adjustment of Europe, to achieve the

super high-speed cornering stability.

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