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5 million price! Used car bargain-hunting is the time
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Affected by the traditional low season, July and August, second-hand car market is also surprisingly light. Meanwhile, second-hand automobile

market by flooding of the car has not completely eliminated, consumers buy cars fear still exists, and the new car market this year, lower

price range but also to keep the price of second-hand car market to bring greater impact. Recently, this reporter visited the used car

market, found that second-hand car dealer received the car in recent months become more "conservative", keep the prices down even more

serious behavior. Motors boss, Mr. Wang told reporters that business this year, the risk of second-hand car lot, more than three months the

stock cars are basically at a loss to sell. Now he is in addition to vehicle sales by accelerating the stock to reduce the risk, also

received cars has become more cautious, "market holdings small, low profit margins received vehicle models, recently we have not received."
    Face of second-hand car market is not optimistic about the sales situation and the uncertainty of prices, used car dealers in order to

reduce business risk, ease financial pressure, are taking large-scale acts of price promotions, and a loss from fire-sale model luxury cars

are also extended to all levels of models. Widely used-car market Chun Marketing Promotion Officer Zhouhua Ping told reporters, as new car

prices fell too fast in recent months, the recent emergence of collective second-hand car dealers are clearing initiatives, some models with

the same period last year, and traded down 5 million or more, the moment is the best opportunity to buy second-hand car, and he also

recommended several profit sharing for consumers to a significant reduction models.
    Recommendation One: Honda Accord 2.0L reference price: 145,000 yuan -14.80 million
    Honda Accord has been in the South China market, has a good reputation, vehicle quality and reliability worthy of consumer trust. In the

used car market, the three-year period of the Accord is the most popular consumer used the high-class models, the cost of which the most

prominent 2.0L Accord. Recommended three reasons: First, 2.0L Accord plenty of power, in full compliance with the daily domestic needs, but

also in fuel consumption, the use of cost and price is more than the 2.4-liter Accord province. Furthermore, the same car models last year,

year, condition of the Accord compared to price of the 10,000 -2 million. Third, the Honda in Guangzhou, large distribution network, repair,

maintenance, spare parts are very convenient. For example, as shown in the figure the black Honda Accord 2.0L Automatic Deluxe Edition

models, on the licensing time for September 2007, more than 70,000 km mileage, good condition, maintained a good track record. Mainly

equipped with sunroof, power seats, airbags, central locking, reversing radar, CD, ABS, etc., the current market price of 14.5 million.
    Recommendation II: Toyota Camry 2.0L reference price of 145,000 yuan -15 million
    Although the Toyota Camry in used-car market has been the best-selling model, a representative of price stability, but with the new car

market, the Camry's price to drop, but also directly led to the Camry the secondary market to follow suit. It is reported that nearly three

months, the price of the Camry has received heavy 10 000 -2 million. Camry for Italian consumers, it is the best season of car. Used Camry

highlights two main aspects: First, using generous Camry shape, in line with most people's aesthetic, and a large interior space, comfort

good. The second is Toyota quality, low failure rate, and maintenance shop Guangfeng 4S higher overall level of service. To a December 2006

on the licensing silver Camry 2.0L Deluxe Edition, for example, in December 2006 on the card, the current mileage is only 75,000 km, well

maintained. Main configuration: sunroof, electric seats, central locking, parking sensor, airbags, DVD, ABS and so on. Market price of

145,000 yuan.
    Recommendation Three: Toyota Crown 3.0L million reference price of 243,000 -24.8
    Current new car market, the new crown price can offer 20,000 -3 million, while the crown shape is still like the older consumers may wish

to look at the used car market comparison. It is reported that 5-year-old crown of the price compared to last year can save as much as 5

million, of which the price of 3.0L models only in the 25 million or less. The silver crown for the 3.0L tiptronic navigation Edition,

October 2005 on the card, only traveled 90,000 kilometers. Maintenance of good appearance, there is no collision, driving better vehicle

condition, vehicle in good repair. Main configuration: sunroof, electric power chairs, DVD, airbags, parking sensor, ABS, ASR, etc., the

market price: 24.8 million.
    Recommendation Four: Toyota Corolla 1.6L reference price of 10 million -10.5 million
    Recommended reasons Corolla car using the cost price and low cost, suitable for general family travel. And high residual value of the

model used for the new licensees to transition to a consumer. In the South China market, the Corolla is the most popular mid-size car

customers, retain customers with huge, the major second-hand car market has a very rich source for consumers to choose the Corolla. And the

use of these models sold after a year or two, not only easy to "hand", and the price is little changed before and after. The Toyota Corolla

this year by the "recalled door" effect, new car prices continue to decline, while the used car price concessions than before the 5000 -10

000 yuan. A silver Corolla automatic models, for example, currently driving for more than 20,000 km, mainly equipped with power windows,

leather seats, central locking, CD, installation of navigation, the current market price of 10.5 million.
    Recommendation Five: Changan Mazda (Wuxi Mazda News community image models) 3 2.0L reference price of 9 million -9.5 million
    Mazda 3 is the biggest second-hand car market price of the vehicle, one of decline than the previous transaction price of nearly 2

million. Changan Mazda 3, the current production of horse ownership in Guangzhou is not the market, and 3 new horses listed, Changan Mazda

sells it and other factors have prompted a small used car dealers hoping to absorb the inventory. The Mazda 3 is not only a good interior

space, the use of low-cost, more importantly, Driving obvious advantages. To a black car driving 50,000 km's, for example, the licensing time

in August 2007, the main configurations: leather, airbags, CD, ABS, parking sensor, electric mirrors, etc., the current price of 95,000 yuan


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