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Li Bei of 1000 dragon net
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Li Bei of 1000 dragon net: Feel above all thank teacher and cropland of one steam abundant give me this chance, I do not want to say and so on of diversity of a few sale today, a moment ago each teacher also was told a lot of. I want to say one hopes or one appeals only here, I can say is a new personality, it is a junior, from me to 1000 dragons net this looks 3 two years have such feeling, 1000 dragon net is different from Sohu sina, also be different from special perpendicular website. We are a kind of governments before this website run mode, the market bottleneck that encounters in run and developing a process now, with respect to the approach that must take the market. In two kinds of courses and two kinds of concussion of mode the circumstance falls, can have a kind of unbalanced development state. It should satisfy the requirement of local news government already, also want to satisfy the trend to the market, also want to earn money. Because I know, be in each places, include Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou to be able to have similar this kind of website, for instance northward net, southern net is mixed the old-timer of Oriental net, I feel can set out from our website, make a kind of alliance with this kind of angle, perhaps make a kind of combination think, unified think, I feel to also accord with the content that Zhang Zong talks about to cooperate. This kind of perpendicular collaboration calculates do not consider a kind multivariate with collaboration, this is my idea, I speak out it here today, if this later feasible really word, thanking teacher and the train of thought with one steam abundant big field to guide below, diversity it may not be a bad idea, oneness, regional it may not be a bad idea, below the guiding of this kind of general orientation, can resemble a way that I a moment ago said in order to walk out of. Regional, the viewpoint that every regional news portal website can unite, centralized operation.

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