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He Zhuoning of Shanxi news network: Speech of forum of high level of media of ne
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Shanxi news network saves the provincial news website that governmental focal point supports as Shanxi, sex of the news sex with peculiar collect, authority, politics and oriented sex at a suit; Characteristic of website content place is full-bodied; The consumptive target that gets numerous group is specific, consumptive capability is strong; Visit quantity occupies Shanxi first place firmly, force is large; Director of collect newspaper ad, place of advertisement of paper of make a report after the event is short; The service is considerate, human nature is changed.
Channel of car of Shanxi news network regards brunt as one of channel, hold to all the time: Person, car,
The service tenet of the network. This 3 person the energy that perfect union can produce expect to be less than, the network has the advantage of other media, and the advantage of oneself is irreplaceable also. We were certain just about this, adopt corresponding strategy to present the the fastest, newest, actualest network information for the netizen, offer rationalize proposal, favourable price for advertiser, make product message more overall reveal a netizen.

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