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Wei of leaf of Shanghai hot line: The speech stalks of grain
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Shanghai hot line: Everybody is good, I am Shanghai hot line (Www.online.sh.cn) Xie Wei, attend this forum on behalf of the company for the first time. The theme of this second forum that the personage inside a lot of industries listened to to discuss in front " network diversity develops " , as industry recruit I also promote a few my views. The development of car network media, the conference fixed position according to each him companies and characteristic produce the change of incline to sex. I feel to may produce 3 kinds of change.
1, car kind the tendency that the website can have media to change changes. Do one's best covers a range, provide professional information, the wind direction that makes network car medium and content comment on the core that starts formerly. Resemble big website for example, sohu car, sina car is given priority to. Become network media platform.
2, the car that makes major is perpendicular kind of website. Representative is love card, still Pacific Ocean car waits. This kind of website gives priority to body with function, community, professional, interactive sex more. Final development means is online buy a car, become a network to sell terrace.
3, the direction of the 3rd diversity serves platform namely. The face that Shanghai hot line is unremitting this direction tries hard. The car is having intense district to consume a feature as consumable, after and the domain of the car is not a sale be being finished, ended, still have the service after the carry out in a lot of carry out, this is the domain that broad user cares likewise, at the same time this also is the striking feature that service area changes.
That regards local portal as the delegate of the website, I have favour to introduce channel of car of Shanghai hot line (Auto.online.sh.cn) state, the regional network that regards media as the function serves platform, we divide the do one's best on car information, the collection that takes this locality seriously to turn car information more at the same time and manage. No matter the upland that Shanghai regards Chinese car as the industry is the vital region that industry or consumption are Chinese auto industry. While I make a speech, shanghai auctions the area of plate exclusively as China, holding the plate 8 years March to auction an activity, shanghai of classics of Shanghai hot line exclusive authorization of government office and auction firm, making network living broadcast. Cite this case, proclaimed in writing of that is to say turns district sex, consume district sex, cooperative district sex, serve district sex, it is a kind of trend of sale of car domain diversity, of business of the agency of our attention and this locality, two handcart communicate with collaboration, in the network sale of diversity, the uniqueness of the network is interactive with without border, the service of the network needs to fulfil area and individual really however. Just of cropland of one steam abundant deputy also always speak of this problem, using a car is to follow local be closely bound up actually. Regard a car as business, selling the most important segment also is to be over there agency actually. Still include maintenance, service these. I think, what we should do is market of car of this locality of base oneself upon and service, diversity is begun to manage on the link of the service. My viewpoint is these.
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