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Official of boudoir of king of Tian Jian net: See a car, buy a car, drive, Kan c
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One, about net of Dalian Tian Jian
Net of Dalian Tian Jian (Www.runsky.com) it is the project that municipal government of Dalian municipal Party committee gives aid to mainly, it is by Dalian be in harmony amounts to investment road of day of broadcasting station of broadcast of people of TV station of limited company, Dalian, Dalian, Dalian is narrow service center of medium of broadcast of TV network Inc. , Dalian. Joint investment establishs Dalian daily company and company of Dalian evening paper, debutted formally on September 12, 2001.
Network influence increases increasingly
The hit before mesh of Dalian Tian Jian 1 million, dalian this locality has the website that the netizen of 66% regards first selection as Tian Jian net or often visits. As " alliance of Chinese city network " initiate unit and " local net couplet " main member unit, dalian day already became one of members with the rapiddest rate of the development in website of domestic place news before be good at mesh, in " the network travels " in the rank of website of news of newest China place that the magazine announces, rank even whole nation of Tian Jian net the 4th greatly, northeast Netherlands arranges the first place.
The intelligence of operation of network of network news media with only Dalian is comprehensive
The main window of the announce outside regarding Dalian as exclusive network news media and Dalian area, broke through even Tian Jian net this locality newspaper, broadcast, TV greatly with regional enclothe the confine that give priority to, came true to face whole world, low cost, multimedia, high effectiveness for a given period of time to publicize the function of Dalian. Reported software of division of Dalian international clothing, China International and information serve Fair successfully already at present (China - Dalian) , WTO is informal 2005 small-sized minister meeting (China - Dalian) , division of Dalian international beer wait for large conference and activity for many times, obtained this locality network that world summer amounted to Wo Si forum 2007 to report advantageous position solely at the same time.
Dalian day already obtained news of the State Council to do issued be engaged ining to publish before be good at mesh the license of journalism Wu; The Internet information that management board of Liaoning province communication issues serves management license, Internet to receive license and BBS permission; TV of movies of wide cable of the transmission on the net that total bureau of national wide report issues kind program license, it is Liaoning province acquires the network terrace with network operation the most comprehensive aptitude at present, development space is vast.
The interactive entertainment community with the most authoritative Dalian and information platform
Interactive system has Tian Jian forum at present 300 thousand register an user, club of the market on the net, proprietor, Che Youlun is altar, small endowment the life board piece assemble Dalian is numerous the netizen communicates here interactive, tian Jian forum makes Dalian area scale at present the forum with the biggest, the most comprehensive function, northeastern region also has force quite.
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