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Comfort of Sohu car channel is become
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Yan Cheng: Thank very much above all thank a teacher to offer such opportunity, I am to attend this forum for the first time, a moment ago looked to review piece be compare a system reviewed this forum. I had gotten on most car website, but a lot of chief editor are not known, a lot of people are first time meets in this kind of circumstance, very glad to have this opportunity that communicate to everybody and learns.

I enter car network near two years time, regard a website as the recruit of media, today this forum also is the opportunity that makes us these practitioner think over and think. The subject that I consider to be discussed with everybody today is " car network should " media its spirit, recreation its form " " .

Besides it is practitioner of a network, our oneself also is a common netizen at the same time, we not only the maker that is network news, also be consumer. The job and life more and more cannot leave Internet, the news that browse, mail, Msn, QQ, adv unimaginably, leave a network, how is our life met? A feeling is: The network is not all-purpose, but doing not have a network is absolutely incapable.

The rapid development of automobile industry and Internet, it is Sohu car, sina car and Tecent the rise abruptly the mainest factor of the car door website that is the mainstream and many perpendicular website. Public figure of manufacturer, consumer, industry pays close attention to network advertising, make our job can produce the connection with closer and closer industry to be together with the car. This often works one kind to everybody very successful the feeling of feeling, although make a network special tired and busy, here also has a very good achievement feeling.

The manufacturer pays attention to network media more and more, this everybody is experienced somewhat, it is very big that network media affirms to the sale action of the car, foreground is very bright. Nevertheless, we are in the job also often bring into contact with a few manufacturers, have doubt very much to the sale effect of network media. For instance we had contacted the firm of a car, 10% of the ad fare that puts in the ad fare to network advertisement 7 years to occupy annual only, everybody may feel to be able to compare shock, can have a bit dismay, the likelihood feels proportion should be a bit higher.

This car company also wants to increase the investment on network sale, but an issue that wants to clear up most at present is: What thing can the network give our redound after all? I feel to if this dispute often makes a person thoughtful, be inscribed. Besides brand advertisement, huge and rapid transmission, many netizen, breakthrough district bounds (traditional media can be divided for central media and local media. As a website for, can be countrywide media or global media basically) besides, what value can network media still offer to car manufacturer? The value that perhaps says before us can be most car manufacturer what to accept and be approbated, it is really OK to be changed see gotten sale result?
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