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Village car network
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Everybody is good, the Jiang Bai that I am village car network (sound) , oneself had been the 3rd attend forum of high level of media of mainstream car network. Just, differ with on two, transformed now a new capacity, oneself are doing poineering work make village car net.
Everybody may return village car network is not special understand and be familiar with. Current forum theme is the diversity of discussion network sale. The original intention that village car network establishs at the outset, also be based on what community essence of life allows sale side to think just about.
Without doubt, burgeoning network community shows powerful sale function gradually, adopt the platform of network community, the enterprise is OK more large-scale search consumer and transmission object, will dispersive cause client and suffer what numerous essence allows to gather together, use new network measure to enlarge public praise transmission. And be in clear with each passing day spending pattern (demand, search, the action, share) in, come true to timely information is transmitted and be passed on. Can see at the same time, consumer present bought behavior to also produce very big change. Decision-making phase searchs pertinent information and comment predominate on Internet. And won't too much when analysing a data the view that pays close attention to him enterprise, and look other the opinion that buys an user. The decision before the child of Web2.0 times is bought to potential customer is very important, especially network community is right of specific type product discuss, prime user can read the opinion of others carefully, the consumption that the enterprise also is paying close attention to this one market is oriented, before the comment after carry out can stimulate the carry out of next user. In fact, in a lot of communal community, we also can see constantly, the enterprise can pass employ cacique of a few popular wishes, the front guides public opinion, before the influence makes work.
To present netizen, faced information content is too big, and coessential change serious. Face these huge news, suffer numerous discriminate effectively hard. Perhaps say to choose the significant information that oneself need truly hard. And in fact, say from sale angle, what information content delivers is more, consumer also does not know place from, digest hard. The effect of transmission also is jumped over not ideal.
To solve such problem, the target that village car network tries hard wants compose to build community essence of life to allow sale platform and community owner to serve platform namely. Make implementation direct between company product and consumer through this platform butt joint.
The core user of network of our village car group, it is these large and mature buildings dish the group having a car of the village and the potential group that buy a car. Everybody knows the biggest characteristic of these groups, one is the elite estate that belongs to a society. 2 it is economic independence, it is the backbone force of group of whole society consumption. The 3 person buy sheet that are a large number of big consumable. Buy a house for instance, buy a car.
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