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Network of new Nuo car group Xie Wei lists: Green hill block does not live surel
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"Green hill block does not live surely unexpectedly east flow " it is right current situation of media of network of Chinese car mainstream is the realest depict, produce the person that the network media with industry and the earliest journalism of Chinese automobile industry is witnessed and participator as Chinese car, I have Xing Er to hear witnessed the symbolizing that rises abruptly as burgeoning media -- (car) network media person from do not have have, from have big, from deduce to strong history greatly, this one process is the change in many days 3200 merely, however this one change is the most tremendous change since human Pan Gu opens scope of operation however, I cite a Plato brings since ancient times Greek philosopher Helakelite's axiom: Exclusive eternity is changeless is change! Network media (also network of generally refer to) the way of life that changed human basic necessities of life not just, more complete the thinking way that changed the mankind -- the choice that the life of diversity relies on diversity!

Review 9 years to come to China the free and easy of network media rises and fall meantime of body of ascend of forum of high level of media of network of mainstream of car of development, China also has vision of 6 years, this has already among them " country person having ability goes, each get coquettish number ' N ' year " elite alternate, also have " I persuade the ruler of heaven to enliven again, not stick to one pattern falls ' website ' " sale mode is promoted for; Have already coessential the Home N contend of the poor dissimilation in spending competition, also have turn white-hot the N much contest in competition adds up to exploration.

Tell from the angle of my individual, I also experienced N to think of argue more to discuss, put forward and carried out the rational sublimate in thought of innovation of group of media of network of Chinese car mainstream, this included among them: Of car news " 3 change " -- socialization, specialization, recreation is changed, of market of assemble sale, fractionize exceed fractionize to run, 3 transmission of entire media; Generalizing the ground to tell is the management mode innovation that brings in storm of the brains in high-level forum delibrate, make I myself formed industry cannot the transmission of sale of assemble of & of a brand of clone is typical -- of mobile phone of → of smooth intermediary of → of TV of → of network → broadcast " entire media " run, make new Nuo line of sight transmits an orgnaization advocate make a brand -- " broadcast over a radio network of Chinese car information " formed go up every week the information of 100 million transmits strength, enclothed by N: N (Home N media travels to N individual) to 1: N (a media travels to N individual) , till 1: 1 (platform of an entire media travels to sky of 1 individual complete information, full-time) , the mass communication that will order union truly, cent is numerous (Xiao numerous) the place of fractionize of transmission, Xiang Chao is bit righter " numerous " transmission undertakes! In 6 years super- be restricted in practice of diversity of asymmetry assemble sale, orgnaization of transmission of new Nuo line of sight is average growing rate already was amounted to 200% , already undertook in different fractionize business with industry of the main automobile that cross a state, or undertaking exceeding fractionize to run, the core business that can publish for example includes to run quickly, the media concern of the transnational corporation such as BMW, Woerwo, Feng Tian, joint ventures and public relations crisis are answered groom, it is completely former that this grooms achieve, did not cite of any alleged MBA teaching material " recreation " actual combat tutorial -- analysis of movie and TV of & of doggerel of & of comic dialogue, essay... these " amusement " what the core business that teachs Yu Le formed media and company is benign and interactive -- of course in the center of with local media, broadcast and TV, rich!
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