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Chen Changhua of Yangzhou car network: The speech stalks of grain
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Very Rong Xing suffers invite attend forum of media of car of mainstream of the 6th China, can communicate study together with each elder person of the same trade, be benefited blame is shallow. Carry this activity, understanding regards car of a place as the website to network of our Yangzhou car, what does need do, what should do, our client needs us to offer what richer conduct propaganda form, satisfy their need, they need what kind of netizen.
Also make with the communication of website of person of the same trade we can understand their advanced management concept to reach collect fees mode, the experience of the activity below the line.

A few the most classical words:

The content of the website decides the capacity of caller.
This is too important, the website serves for the netizen, we should the searchs netizen need content of do one's best. is not we think to weigh wanted content. We are to face what group to provide what data.

Without absolutely competition, have absolutely collaboration only:
User of infinite press close to needs, formal diversification, with the person of the same trade much communication cooperates more, reduce cost, accelerate development rate. City of the car on the net and love card are a case.

The sale on the net occupies all media top scale:
According to cropland of one steam abundant Wang Zong, plum the analysis with long room, show in sampling investigation of the whole nation, the order of the network resides head of a list of names posted up high, occupy 34% , far outclass TV, newspaper, broadcasting station, magazine. All now manufacturer values a network very much, but they take a fancy to them to think to weigh wanted website only. In the public relations activity of cropland of one steam abundant, their scale also is added to 15% .

Sale mode diversification:
Besides the product that makes good client promotion works, make the website promotion of good oneself even, include originality sale, transmission sale, company group the method such as sale, our sale is the sale to the manufacturer, the caller of our website prepares for the manufacturer.

Summary: Formal diversification, transmission is changed continuously, strengthen interactive, cross media transmission, innovation

Combine the inadequacy of our oneself, we should the forum spirit according to this, had optimized our team, make clear our development direction, those who let Yangzhou car network go is faster better, with times synchronism.

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