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New easy online Zhang Yong: The diversity of the diversity of area culture and n
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Still want to thank Xie Wei to list teacher and cropland of one steam abundant above all, as the delegate of area network media, I already was the 3rd attend forum of high level of media of Chinese car network. A moment ago Mr. Gu Xinguang speaks of daily of People's Daily, economy nobody looks now, what consumer looks now is Metropolis Daily. As the network media delegate of the ground Chengdu that comes from Metropolis Daily origin, have a few understanding and be present you teacher is shared.

One, the development that the diversity of area culture decided area media
The teacher that the development course of Metropolis Daily believes to everybody once had stayed in planar media is an expert, need not tell more. What I should tell is a phenomenon, that is in namely traditional and planar media most the place that develop, often be the place with area culture the greatest colour, send culture, Guangzhou like the sea of the capital culture of Beijing, Shanghai south culture of another name for Guangdong Province, of Chengdu cling to Sichuan culture, just these a few places are the place with planar media most intense competition. The setting of area culture decided a reader, get numerous viewpoint of value. Viewpoint of value decided the reader's consumption is watched again. This also is we think with the result that studied an old issue, that is as China western a city of the area, chengdu surmounted the city with other coastal the eastpart part by what, became the 3rd city of countrywide media, car the 3rd city.

2, network media will change development to area
No less than a moment ago character of Mr. Gu place, the birth of Metropolis Daily also does not spend 10 old time to now to development, had surmounted the old newspaper such as daily of People's Daily, economy, make the main trend with very market. As the delegate of area network media, we are certain network media also wants finally to resemble newspaper, TV, broadcasting station to develop to each area euqally all the time. Because, china is too big, area culture is too rich, TV respect is like respect of CCTV, broadcasting station by force to be like respect of broadcasting station of central people broadcast, network by force the portal such as Sohu of Jiang Ruxin billow, be afraid accomplish reach every aspect of a matter hard also, differ countrywide each district of viewpoint of value suffer numerous adhere. This also is to thanked a teacher to speak of to me yesterday why one of accounts that forum added cities of a lot of a gleam of and media of network of second line city this year.

3, the diversity that the diversity of area culture decided network sale develops
The law senior vise general manager of cropland of one steam abundant and Li Xiang room grow to ever arrived for many times Sichuan, the brand image that communicates the Sichuan that we want to speak of cropland of one steam abundant every time and sale means, include the sale case that other brand is in Sichuan area. A lot of manufacturer were set now western large area, and the headquarters of large area is in basically Chengdu, the cooperative meeting of cropland of one steam abundant is equivalent to the large area of other manufacturer actually, large area among them a task formulates a sale strategy that fits area according to area culture namely. Surprise for instance luck, what area sale does is good with respect to what comparative, the QQ of edition of batty last year a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct and the closest CROSS confuse your QQ to get used to Sichuan namely the product of this area culture.
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