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Brave of car network Zhao installs in: Integrated, innovation makes what we go f
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Each teacher of respect, person of the same trade, everybody is good. Thank the teacher that defend a sort to be able to give us a such chance above all, let everybody can gather collective communication, learn jointly. This year also is car network is installed to attend forum of high level of media of Chinese car network first in us, we times feeling is honoured. Allow me to make a simple introduction to our website please above all.

Car net is being brought in is medium the professional car website that installs online banner to fall. Install in online it is approval of office of news of classics the State Council, the website of key news portal of the only of the Anhui province that debutted on January 1, 2006. Install in now online rely on Anhui daily to sign up for the news resource with trade powerful group, after the 9 signs up for 3 print advantage resource that sign up for trade group in conformity, offerred Anhui news, anhui net is inspected, car, travel, house property, the column of 30 many news such as finance and economics. 6 the end of the year, install in online the formal display that changes car column into professional website comes out, car net is brought in was being formed, its purpose namely for in the most professional inside course of study of Anhui of make it of the net that bring a car, the most authoritative car website.

Integrated media resource accomplishs propagandist sale double bumper harvest

Come nearly two years the trend that Anhui car market appears high speed to grow. End by 2007, anhui car retains the quantity had broken through 6 million. Anhui car output by 21 5 years ago. 30 thousand increase to 65. 90 thousand. Especially with strange luck, Jiang Huai of the car company of own brand rise abruptly, it is the dominant force that becomes Anhui auto industry more.

As the bitter fleabane of Anhui car market suddenly develops, we more and more the sale shift that discovers we are backward has not followed to go up the market demand that high speed expands. Arrive 7 years from 6 years, car network was installed to abandon in original traditional management pattern. We combined the car edition chief editor of the numerous Anhui mainstream media such as TV, newspaper, network, broadcast, established association of Anhui car reporter. Association is integrated the resource advantage of each media, held successfully " strange luck car saves make one's rounds to exhibit completely " , "Eagle of luck of violent wind of 10 cart king " , "Complete province reporter walks into Bin Yue to produce base " wait for a series of activities. The propagandist report of all-around, much angle attracted many reader, hear what the advantage of resource conformity also got manufacturer to approbate with stylish.

After the media resource of integrated Anhui this locality, the uses alliance of website of portal of provincial place news dominant position with car active also network is brought in, also had the collaboration of a few many sided with website of portal of each district news. Strange luck the 1 million day that get offline, car net is brought in combination is provincial website of portal of many 30 news undertakes spot direct seeding, of resource share saved many cost for everybody, also make the value of respective media brand gets promotion at the same time.
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