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Tension of network of Chinese car video: AThe sale of UtoV diversity
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In October 2006 the portion establishs network of video of AutoV.com.cn China car. Establish a such websites at that time, basically be the complete disappointment that is in pair of domestic car TV programs completely, magazine media is intense compete, and the need of website fractionize market. AutoV is a car website that nods to sell with car video, with the channel of car of for example sina of portal type, perpendicular kind car website, website of car of for example Pacific Ocean differs completely, on AutoV.com.cn, test-drive, special subject, cycle racing, maintain, drive swim, even news is with video the form is reflected entirely etc. Accordingly we can say is the car TV on a net comprehensive program. But, the TV car program that we want to compare a tradition again is viewing sex of effectiveness for a given period of time, content is rich sex, professional wait for a respect, had rise tremendously.
2006, 2007, the development of network video is advance rapidly. 2006, google bought Youtube, net of potato of for example of website of very much communal video waited home a moment to also obtain a lot of wind to cast, the opportunity that AutoV is born, and the environment that fits development, soil perfectly. Contain in form inside, because we use video to regard reportorial agency as the form, differ with a lot of more current car website beyond, autoV still has very big different, all AutoV content, basically achieve formerly, this also is at present website of a lot of other cars is in public letter force, professional the soft costal region that goes up to be atttacked by the media such as a few newspaper, magazine. Because our content basically is achieved formerly,be, the new treatment that perhaps goes up in foundation of official video material edits, accordingly, a lot of audiences and client special the content that approves us to make, of course this also is to have a premise, our whole group that make is very professional, from personnel of course of study, the editor comes from professional magazine, photograph come from a TV station like editing and rearrangement. In fact, in the final analysis of a media, still be content is king, content is wonderful, the person that see is much, the client also pays close attention to more, the method on sale and means also can become very much.
Now the sale means to our website, the business character that this basically is us is decided. AutoV can say to assume two big functions, one is media function. We pursue the test story of all products, city of the car before paying close attention to eye is dynamic, offer necessary information to wait a moment. From this for, we and other car websites do not have distinction, some is the distinction of the agency in form that discusses before only, you use picture written language, I use video. So, we all sale will around video, spread out with the network. Video regards intermediary as a kind of form, in the report car respect is having very large dominant position, it is more intuitionistic, more vivid, and present network speed also allows online watch, accordingly, we make movie of a video, want the frequency more that puts than the TV station, the person that see is more also, the effect of transmission is much better also. Be the characteristic of the itself of video, recombine network transmission is fast, the advantage with wide range. We are the sale that making the content that is based on network platform go up above all, the client has the demand that planar media reports, but the demand that also has video story at the same time, because the video content sale of this network platform is one of our basiccest sale measures. And use network platform, inside this Autov.com.cn of be confined to of not mere bureau this one network, website of a lot of communal video, and platform of TV of a few networks, it is the associated platform that uses when our sale.
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