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In Chen Yu of black car channel: Make actively " confluence signing up for a net
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Each media travels together everybody is good, thank the Xie Wei of network of new Nuo car to list above all, provided the platform with a such interactive communication for everybody, what touch particularly is, he was a platform to hold to persistently 6 years, thank cropland of one steam abundant to be the support that this second congress provides at the same time.

"In black car channel " sign up for a car by Chinese youth weekly and in channel of black online car is made jointly, it is the first banner bright hit " confluence signing up for a net " professional car website, the news of major of weekly of car of newspaper of youth of China of have the aid of is collected organize force, the channel of black online car is advanced network platform in union, develop the car website new pattern of new network times jointly.

Want to make clear Hunan above all, the network below confluence signing up for a net is a what kind of network after all. I think, its competition ability depends on the otherness that compares with portal website photograph. Oneself of website of existing part portal does not produce news, it is the electronic edition that is copy tradition media mostly, undertake resource conformity next, cooperate mass data library, forum, attract a hit. Some portals website is the deep treatment of traditional media only at present. A little alert portal website already began pursuit nearly two years to achieve a gender formerly, but also confine contributes at asking the reporter of traditional media to assist, the distance forms his news style to still have very large space

Accordingly, portal website is the at present most important still stay in advisory level. That is to say, no matter be sina, Sohu,return what cannot say to be the media on real significance. Their value: It is library of data-base, information, database; 2 it is the huge netizen with not neat administrative levels. These website hits are very tall, say China has a few netizens, but do not have right choice to come out to the netizen with valuable advertiser truly, without concentration, just pile one caboodle.

The network below confluence signing up for a net is the network that should make what can say truly be media. The distinction of it and portal website depends on, have color of bright news concept, report, on the foundation that seeks advice in magnanimity, main body is the professional press that comes over from newspaper move, the content that contains unified distinguishing feature is made. That is to say, the network below confluence signing up for a net is one Zhang Ji is decuple the newspaper of enlarge edition, is not an information library. Sign up for the network reader below net confluence, namely the netizen is a foundation with the reader of newspaper, although the amount expanded, but the characteristic of netizen and reader is consistent.

The network is medium course of study the delegate of advanced productivity, this is not to need of doubt. "Confluence signing up for a net " had had the United States " center of calm handkerchief news " successful case, proving confluence signing up for a net is planar media enlarge consequence, improvement to live an effective prescription of the environment. The United States " center of calm handkerchief news " own newspaper, network and TV station, reporter can write for a magazine also can be photographed picture, besides offer sketch to newspaper, TV station, offer sketch to the network even.
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