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To illicit home car advocate read advice surely
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Millennium, economy booms, the car enters a family, to us the life and job were brought convenient and efficient, but the carriage tool that the car is high danger after all, in use car Shi Yingshen is weighed, for car of broad illicit home advocate safe, put forward advice to be as follows especially:

The first, car loan has a risk. If your friend did not rent a car to you after driver's license or wine, you want ground of resolute and decisive to refuse. Because if the friend goes traffic accident, you should assume implicative liability to pay compensation. Such doing, since to protect yourself, also be to be protective friend.

The 2nd, let a person build downwind car to have a risk. According to active legal provision, let a person build downwind car favorably, if traffic accident goes out on the road, the driver should assume fair liability to pay compensation. So " peak learning thunder, do a good work " , want a look before you leap! The author is not to be not advocated here do a good work, however because active law is solid,Wu is such, the author must occupy solid advice.

The 3rd, must not be like next behavior: Do not get do sth without authorization to change one's costume or dress car, if produce spontaneous combustion, insurance company not compensate, car manufacturer also not compensate; Must on time yearly check, must not drive after wine or other break the law drive behavior, this not only safe to you drive a vehicle does not have safeguard, and gave traffic accident, insurance company but rejecting claims.

The 4th, you go out when jockeying, should attention and jockey the law of the unit concerns. If be custodial contract concern, in case your car was lost, custodial unit is in charge of compensating for; If be to jockey only,concern, criterion the other side is not in charge of compensating for.

The 5th, in case gave traffic accident, cannot escape.

Traffic cause trouble escapes very serious to legal consequence of the driver:

Be in above allAccident responsibility respect, according to law the regulation produces traffic accident on road, car drives the person ought to stop working instantly, protect the spot; Cause person casualties, car drives person ought to instantly rescue gets hurt personnel, the pointsman that rapid report is on duty or management department of transportation of public security mechanism. Because rescue gets hurt,personnel changes of the spot, ought to indicate the position.
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