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A flock of active silver hair supervisor in stannic city Internet bar
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In stannic city each size Internet bars are mixed inside electronic game unit room, often can see the figure of old person of a batch of silver hair, they share unit room of game of compulsory supervisory Internet bar, electron namely " 5 old " volunteer. Veteran cadre, old soldier, old expert, old teacher, old pattern, this " 5 old " became playroom of Internet bar, electron nowadays in " 4 high-ranking officials " , they are legal laws and regulations not only plugger, compulsory supervisor, black Internet bar and the member inform against that violates compasses Internet bar, still became for " network strong interest " the side teacher of the minor that strands.

City involves worker worker appoint offerred data shows, at present the our city has an Internet bar unit room of game of 633 the home, electrons 345, "5 old " compulsory supervisor 2168. These silver hair old people, grow for teenage health, developed the drive of altruistic dedication. They disregard severe cold of intense heat of summer, do not divide day and night, according to division of labor, thorough Internet bar and electronic game unit room undertake propagandist education to owner, enter Internet bar circumstance to undertake supervisory to minor, undertake helping teaching to be infatuated with the minor of the Internet bar. "5 old " volunteers prohibit minor enters management sex Internet bar to regard the job as the key, time paragraph go up a heat winter vacation, holiday, double cease day serves as a key, the periphery of lane of department of union of outskirts of a city, alleyway, school small-sized Internet bar on a sector of an area, black Internet bar serves as a key. Below their effort, this kind is working limits with community, what encourage form of the shaped that it is labour in order to help is flexible supervise obtained fine effect.

Bank alley of lake area flourish is street Zhu Yan of emeritus veteran cadre celebrates plum garden community already 78 years old, but since received city to involve worker worker appoint " 5 old " after the letter of appointment of supervisor, this old person that idle does not come down was found again at a draught " young " , " strength is very " feeling. Want to supervise others, above all oneself get a relevant legal laws and regulations to be familiar with rise, bright red Yan Qing learned seriously " regulation of place of Internet online service " , insist to read a newspaper to read a book every day, hear broadcast, watch news, study gets online, still study game of hauling sth resembling a net even. If Internet bar boss wants to bully a respectful form of address for an old person not to know computer, that can hit a fault abacus, "Not backward ability acts not to fall behind on the thought! " bright red often say.

Bright red Yan Qing does supervisor to have his level, "Enter an Internet bar every time, show certificate above all, show one's purpose in coming, work to the Internet bar next person read out is relevant law, examine again whether the symbol that paste minor must not enter, examine one by one next have the spot to violate compasses act. " first a few, management owner thinks parent just takes a form, who knows, this a respectful form of address for an old person not only insist to be supervised daily, still do sometimes make assault move. The Internet bar that sees the story on newspaper violates the typical case that manage, zhu Yan is celebrated with respect to scissor, duplicate is good, supervise and urge with the identity of supervisor the staff member learns a collectivity of tubal Internet bar seriously, learn a lesson; Receive somebody to inform against the message that Internet bar all night runs, he is in for many times before dawn 2 when to 4 when head for spot assault to examine, check belongs to solid word, appear in the newspaper stoutly. In the course of contacts, although do not have government service,Internet bar operator is opposite this but responsibility heart is extremely strong however " 5 old " supervisor produced awe-stricken heart, the name that somebody is lending neighbor asks him to drink drink small wine, sufferred his rejection; Somebody is used dipped in the window that petrolic cotton ball heats his home, he also is not afraid of. Bright red often say: Bai Yaohe Chen lures   Bao to flinch brother's son border embeds courtyard ⒆ to use С of Tuo of Piao of hack of harmonious of line of business of clothing of sauce of Mei of cape of hazel of Wan of  of approach of neon of cowardly glad  to be worth copy! ?
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