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Although the C-NCAP impact test of Chinese car research center ever sufferred doubt fully, but Zhao Hang prepares to invest more money now, be restricted to fuel value and Europe Ⅲ discharge abhorrent phenomenon to undertake investigate and experimenting.

On August 31, zhao Hang of director of Chinese car research center is in Beijing to divulge, "We had followed industry and informatization department report, preparation throws 50 million yuan every year to start this project. Preparation throws 50 million yuan every year to start this project..

   Fuel is restricted value and Europe Ⅲ are contradictory

At present our country had been promulgated " by the specific fuel consumption that use a car the quantity is restricted to be worth " and " light-duty commercial vehicle quantity of specific fuel consumption is restricted to be worth " what use up twice in the light of car fuel is mandatory national level. Retain as car output and society the volume rises at full speed, the fuel that the car consumes is added suddenly, and " quantity of specific fuel consumption is restricted to be worth " adopt certain restriction to oily bad news according to car weight, achieve energy-saving result finally.

And Europe Ⅲ discharges code carrying out is the significant move that decreases a platoon, but the product that at present a lot of enterprises sell in the market, can not achieve at the same time " quantity of specific fuel consumption is restricted to be worth " requirement and Europe Ⅲ discharge a standard, a lot of models that making work return the market actually is Europe Ⅱ discharge a standard.

As we have learned, rise as a result of what discharge a standard, must want sacrifice economy of one part fuel, so the car should achieve Europe Ⅲ to discharge a standard, actual oil bad news wants tower above than Europe Ⅱ standard 0.7% ~ 1.1% , the car that sells in the market partly so, can not reach level of two kinds of states at the same time, the model that making work partly still discharges a standard for Europe Ⅱ .

Zhao boat individual thinks, detect in what have a model when, the method of manufacturer is to should be done when discharging a standard to detect, undertake detecting with the car that accords with Europe Ⅲ standard, etc detect the report is taken, when do quantity of specific fuel consumption to be restricted to be worth, change another car that can accord with corresponding standard to undertake detecting again, so energy-saving index also was achieved.

So quantity of contented specific fuel consumption is restricted to be worth what discharge a standard with Europe Ⅲ is not same a car, and the much that the market sells is such car.

Zhao Hang thinks this is not administrative problem, mix however discharge code to had been carried out matter quickly, because want to achieve taller discharge a standard, want to do discharged later period processing, and this wants loss power, discharge a standard to rise too quickly very adverse to our manufacturing company, because show some establishment and component to supply,the system is mixed discharge a requirement abhorrent, be opposite at the same time energy-saving influential also.
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