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Beijing makes tubal inning: Summary Song rash glare frightens postscript of Yi o
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The reporter learned yesterday, city hands in tubal bureau car to be in charge of place to clarify, the car runs a business during the Olympic Games everything is normal.

The hearsay said recently, during Beijing Olympic Games is held, management board of traffic of Beijing public security suspends the card on new car likely, the time protocol of the card on time-out will come on July 1 on August 28. Relevant controller expresses, during the Olympic Games, the car provides all a lot of jobs that serve for the Olympic Games, if serve car to undertake all safe check is check, right participation to the Olympic Games,the volunteer of the Olympic Games undertakes the card of assessment, motor vehicle card that extends to enter a country temporarily to the official that enter a country and media wait, but business of all and normal registration of vehicles won't be affected, the card on new car as much normal, won't bring to the citizen any disadvantageous. (Reporter Yan Zheng)

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