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National hair changes appoint: Conform what choose machine achieves oil price an
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National hair changes appoint: choose occasion implementation becomes those who taste oil price case and international market to conform

Oil price is unlocked " oily tiger " will sell hard

Song Jun / civil

On June 5, the Comex mies wife head assemble is moved, brows presseds closely, beam with smiles, ambulate hastily... all act accompany big screen to go up to wave all the way ground of red curvilinear exert to one's utmost is alternating. That day when closing quotation, the price of futures of light qualitative crude of complete a business transaction will reach 122.22 dollars July / bucket.

Compare at the beginning of the year, international oil price " went up again " , is increasingly as close as connection of international crude market domestic crude price returned can " look on indifferently " ?

2 quarters beginning, national development and Chen Deming of reform council vice director reform working conference to go up to disclose to media in countrywide economic system, china is paying close attention to international oil price to go cheek by jowl situation, shut the choice timely engine, case of oil price of implementation country finished product and international market conform.

And once oil price is unlocked, so-called " oily tiger " situation of car of the big entrance that discharge an amount will sell hard.

   Bold horse is become " drought horse "

"This car stops to have small half an year here, the boss wants to looked for an equal opportunity to sell it all the time. " those who say this word is a capital the manager of meal ministry king of a provides dimensions quite hotel inside 2 annulus.

Late on June 5, the author comes here and friend have dinner, see the doorway stops the horse of that yellow bold of the move, cannot help and king manager chitchat rise.

Take the advantage of the clearance that king manager rests, visit is made further before the author goes up hastily. "Two this years bold horse sells very fire, the shop of boss serve a meal that likes travel is rich, bought this bold horse none hesitantly last year in July, we had sat, feeling really very bright.

Can have hit oneself year, this car stops all the time here, the boss says oil is more and more expensive, go gas station is endure hardships simply, aux would rather take a taxi to also do not think every day. Bold does not have one dribble inside equestrian gasoline tank now, namely ' drought horse ' . " king manager of one face but.

What form bright contrast with this is, the sales volume that imports SUV still increases in high speed. China imports the data that car trade centre provides to show, this year first quarter, SUV still in order to import 31112, grow 135.30% compared to the same period add fast car of Gao Jujin mouth grows head of a list of names posted up.

  "Oily tiger " still can take petty gain in China " the flesh "
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