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Plan of consumption tax of the old car that discharge an amount already protocol
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After case of oily, electrovalency goes up together, the tax rate of car consumption tax that near future of hearsay of market at once will raise the old car that discharge an amount.

With every detail vividly described of hearsay it may be said, say consumption tax of this round of car adjusts concentration to be 3 litres to reach 4 litres in platoon quantity and the big quantity car of 4 litres of above, among them, platoon quantity is in 3 litres with 4 litres of models between, tax rate general from before 14% adjust to 25% , the platoon measures the model in 4 litres of above, tax rate general from before 20% on move to 40% ; And the model consumption tax that discharges an amount under 3 litres, do not adjust range in this inside.

Reporter at this point hearsay is on the move to total bureau of national tax Wu the personage seeks testimony related tax department, gotten answer is: Imposed consumption tax to discharging quantity car to add greatly 2006, be sold to its essentially and affect apparently without generation, and since this year, country tax total bureau moved consumption tax of the old car that discharge an amount to undertake for many times discussion to going up, also protocol related side case, but still won't roll out at present. As to when to roll out, this personage expresses, should not too long, nevertheless he rejects to disclose the specific content of plan.

The beginning of the year of tax total bureau allots the state " countrywide tax stop work for the day made a point 2008 " show, will continue to deepen consumption tax reform this year, enlarge limits of consumption tax levy appropriately, adjust consumption tax tax rate, sufficient play consumption tax is being promoted energy-saving decrease discharge and adjust the action of income allocation respect.

It is reported, to the adjustment of consumption tax, total bureau of national tax Wu still decided 3 basic principles: It is the principle that develops function of consumption tax adjustment adequately, guide the production of good related goods and consumption; 2 it is to optimize the tax rate structure, principle that reflects taxation fairness, the adjustment that produces consumption tax better action; 3 it is the principle that convenience taxation imposes income of finance of canal, give attention to two or morethings, reduce revenue prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

Active car consumption tax begins to execute since April 1, 2006, according to " low platoon estimates low tax rate, tall platoon estimates high tax rate " levy of the principle that ask for a canal. By the consumption tax that use a car cent is 5 archives, namely capacity is less than 1 litres tax rate for 3% ; Capacity 1 litres (contain) it is to 2.2 litres tax rate 5% ; Capacity 2.2 litres (contain) it is to 3 litres tax rate 9% ; Capacity 3 litres (contain) it is to 4 litres 14% ; Capacity 4 litres (contain) above imposes 20% consumption tax. The original intention that adjusts consumption tax is to advocate managing the sources of energy, reflect a country to measure the encouragement of the car to small, at the same time limitation discharges the consumption that measures car and SUV greatly, the oriented action that aggrandizement consumption tax consumes to the car, reflect the taxation adjustment to economy action.
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