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Hair change appoint official: The country is considering to reform car consumpti
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Recently, national hair changes appoint industrial policy manages Limoli is making public a circumstance to express, the country is studying with car specific fuel consumption the quantity is restricted to be worth a standard to be a foundation, build have rewards and punishment to have both taxation policy of the function.

"Want to continue to use the method such as fuel tax, consumption tax, change the traditional idea of people stage by stage, accomplish choose public traffic tool to go out as far as possible row, reduce illicit home car to use frequency; Encourage small-sized car much person to take, decrease to drive alone phenomenon; In the choice respect of illicit home model, encourage change lesser platoon to quantity and lesser dimension from big quantity, large size; Encourage a government to purchase the car of new energy resources that uses energy-saving, environmental protection with social community character " . Li Moli says, set out from the position that can expand continuously, answer those who involve car to purchase rate system of tax of duty, consumption tax, fuel, highway to spend wait to undertake study in the round and put forward to reform scheme, of new to using energy resources, new technology should offer privilege, to high cost can the product should increase what duty expends to collect strength, accomplish rewards and punishment to develop simultaneously. Want to consider the consumption tax, reform plan that purchases duty to wait to be adjusted with linkage of index of energy-saving, environmental protection at the same time.

To be about to open the fuel tax that impose, li Moli expresses, the meeting after need not worrying to ask for affects a car to sell the growth momentum of the market, "Wait for the condition that prop up to analyse from our country resource, environment, car market grows too quickly, national power will bear hard, automobile industry oneself also maintains hard but durative. From this level analysis, the market adds fast slow down to should regard as " profit is good " element, consumer hands in highway maintain a road or railway to expend from year, when instead is cheered, pay can make clear those who feel resource shortage pressure to deliver " .

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