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Do sth without authorization changes motor vehicle appearance to will fine 500 y
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After editing " motor vehicle registers a regulation " will apply at will rising on October 1 this year, increased 6 kinds of traffic to violate act among them. The Ministry of Public Security hands in tubal bureau to issued the announcement that violates behavior code about increasing traffic recently, made clear the illegal basis of these 6 kinds of illegal behavior and amerce amount.

"Guard of the bottom after carry cargo car, trailer did not install flank to reach according to the regulation, stickup automobile body turns over cursor annals " (code is " 1083 " ) , write down zero, fine 200 yuan; "Color of change automobile body, change engine, automobile body or frame, did not deal with change to register on time " (code is " 1084 " ) , write down zero, fine 200 yuan; "After motor vehicle droit is transferred, show motor vehicle everybody to did not deal with move to register by specified time limits " (code is " 1085 " ) , write down zero, fine 200 yuan; "Of appearance of motor vehicle of change of do sth without authorization and the concerned technology data that already registered " (code is " 1087 " ) , write down zero, fine 500 yuan; "Motor vehicle everybody deals with change to register, move is registered, motor vehicle archives turns a ground that register after place of registration of vehicles, did not reach abode ground according to specified time limits motor vehicle of application of place of registration of vehicles turns " (code is " 1086 " ) , write down zero, fine 200 yuan; "Deal with with the wrong step such as deceit, bribery fill, change those who get motor vehicle to register the business such as card of brand of certificate, name, travel and examination mark of conformity " (code is " 1088 " ) , write down zero, fine 200 yuan.

In addition, the announcement is opposite 3 kinds to had woven the traffic of code violates act, refined condemnatory standard. "The automobile body of car of heavy-duty, medium-sized carry cargo and its trailer or railroad car is hind the brand that the brand that did not magnify according to formulary spray perhaps magnifies is unsharpness " (code is " 5038 " ) , write down zero, fine 200 yuan; "Motor vehicle spray, stickup indicate or automobile body advertisement, influence safety drives " (code is " 1040 " ) , write down zero, fine 200 yuan; "Motor vehicle did not undertake according to time limit safe technology examines " (code is " 1340 " ) , write down 3 minutes, fine 200 yuan.

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