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Brand management measure will give modification draft to be not 4S to sell mode
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Holding to with change one's profession the hopeful inside year has an indecisive car agency " sth capable of comforting sb " . Morning paper reporter is in know from personage of know the inside story yesterday, " car brand sale runs way " (the following abbreviation " method " ) the hopeful inside year publishs modification draft, at the appointed time agency not only can with car look forward to be on an equal footing, and exit also will have safeguard. In addition, 4S inn won't be regarded as possibly also to be only sale form again, the car trades the market is potential because of this bring the dying back to life.

   "New " " method " will help car city

As we have learned, as by the city that use a car successive 5 months annulus is compared drop, many car dealer already were close to closing down the brim, and those who stem from pair of future is not hopeful, the car dealer with a few profitless feelings begins to choose to exit, or seek turns row. The reporter learns, shanghai near future has dealer of much home car to close down. The backtrack of the agency inside countrywide limits already also began, especially a few new start business before long, or the car brand agency with not large sales volume.

"" method " if detailed rules of form a complete set can come on stage inside year, ate a sth capable of comforting sb to be just as for broad agency, had the hope that continues to develop in this industry, and at team of agency of industrial catenary endmost stability is helpful for car city stabilizing, be helpful for car look forward to and even whole industry development " , yesterday, ode of Cai of the member that Chinese steam wagon flow connects association expert to comprise comforts to express to the reporter.

Personage of know the inside story discloses, modification draft already will " the car produces an enterprise to accredit car dealer is made and can carry out a network to plan " instead " entrust a car to agency is made and carry out a network to plan " . "The concern that to precatory from accredit the difference of two words says to understand manufacturer and agency will by appurtenant become equality " , cai Fu comforts to point out to the reporter.

  Look forward to of agency, car be on an equal footing

In addition, whether is 4S inn exclusive sale mode also will say to calculate by the market, in the meantime, the accredit of 2 class agency will not need manufacturer to examine and approve. "This means corporeal car to trade the market can recovery opportunity of survival, and the grow in quantity of 2 class agency has certain stimulative effect to car city sale " , the personage inside course of study thinks, if modification method can come on stage inside year, or can right low with each passing day confused car city rises to rescue action certainly, this also is why car dealer is pressing the main reason that looks forward to its to come on stage. It is reported, the cost that because be in at present,one class city opens 4S store is exorbitant, many car dealer are close to the brim that go bankrupt, especially a few get the car brand dealer with later, minor sales volume, they are accordingly pressing dealer of a few 2 class can develop more after looking forward to to revise draft to come on stage, enhance oneself sale ability. And 2 class agency chooses a car to trade commonly market set up shop, this will drive a car to trade the development of the market. In the meantime, modification draft is right " agency is exited " also made a provision, this let agency eat " sth capable of comforting sb " , need not worry after exiting, give the bail of manufacturer, imprest without safeguard.
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