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Domestic car company is constrictive money fund catenary will face up to the tes
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Before making up: At the beginning of this year, our country is carried out old " firm monetary policy " adjust for " from tight monetary policy " , the enterprise that constrictive money makes many preparation insufficient is faced with the bank capital difficult position, car company is not exceptional also. Constrictive money breaks the capital loop chain of car company probably, capital problem becomes a Li Jian that is hanged on each car company heads.

- medium and small businesses and civilian battalion enterprise suffer concussion the biggest

Make from tight monetary policy the enterprise prepares market fund difficulty to increase. Academy of Chinese SamSung economy is passed to 14 industries appear on the market company financial data undertakes analytic discovering, manufacturing industry of traffic facility for transporting is to suffer financing to restrain one of industries with the most severe case. SamSung economy academy is presiding researcher Qiu Gang thinks, itself of manufacturing industry of traffic facility for transporting has the feature with capital concentrated technology, technical innovation activity is frequent, investment dimensions and frequency are taller, more sensitive.

Media reports recently, national hair changes appoint department of medium and small businesses discloses about chief, the whole nation has the medium and small businesses of above of 67 thousand dimensions to close down first half of the year this year. Inside automobile industry, many in it is difficult that car component faces serious financing before estate company order.

A chief says the limited company of steering gear of Zhejiang Great Wall that produces steering gear, at present raw material and the sources of energy rise in price, financing is difficult, in the destiny that small component company has held him very hard, have many business failure, basically center in fastener industry. He says: "Today bright clean out sea two years sand, now very who can hold out it's hard to say. Now very who can hold out it's hard to say..

The influence of enterprise of own to automobile industry brand is more than constrictive money the influence to the joint ventures, be more than to the influence of civilian battalion enterprise right state-owned the influence with foreign capital enterprise.

Zhejiang civilian battalion enterprise exits some car recently car domain, its chief says to media: "The ability after car project is started knows, car investment is one ' a bottomless pit ' , network of form a complete set of new car research and development, component, sale is built, want money everywhere. Do not say former infuse 100 million yuan of capital, throw 10 again namely 100 million go in to also be not hit. " outside analysis, capital catenary ruptures is the immediate cause that enterprise of this civilian battalion exits car domain.

This year January, silver-colored inspect can be promulgated new " car banking firm runs way " , make more firm demand to contributive person competence, dimensions of contributive person asset rises by 4 billion original yuan reach 8 billion yuan, business income rises from 2 billion yuan reach 5 billion yuan. High threshold makes company of own brand car establishs difficulty of car banking firm to increase, alleviate through car finance means the route of constrictive pressure takes credit very hard also.
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