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Hair change appoint vice director Zhang Guobao: The oil price after the Olympic
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National hair changes appoint Zhang Guobao of director of bureau of energy resources of vice director, nation expresses 18 days, division of finished product oil price may develop according to Chinese macroeconomic after the Olympic Games, and situation of domestic and international energy is made adjust.

Wang Zejun of analyst of Hua Rong negotiable securities thinks, of the electrovalency June and case of finished product oil price adjust, generate electricity without the change and the deficit condition of oil refining enterprise, the Chongzhongzhi that straightens mechanism of price of the sources of energy to remain governmental energy resources to work is heavy.

Adjust with electrovalency different is, our country oil price is fluctuated actually by international futures oil price the influence is more profound. Say simply, adjust an account of electrovalency, it is because of electric power and coal two kinds of products did not conform, coal price is in be in in last few years unlock a situation, as purchase generate electricity just company, can be affected exorbitantly by cost, because this is in,circumstance of reasonable to upriver coal price pilot leaves the government, once adjust electrovalency, the burden of the power plant can be reduced accordingly.

But as oil refining enterprise character, its upper reaches purchases cost opposite for very hard strike with the palm of the hand accuses, 3 big option market regard international as the index of global crude oil, china counterpoises without too much speech. If WTI is mixed,the price of crude oil futures of special grade of cloth human relations stands high above the masses all the time, so the value of acquisition crude oil product such as middle east of oil refining enterprise, South America also can rise; Right now, take advantage of an opportunity and the cost of oil refining business below, cannot conduct oil of domestic finished product again retail market, this caused intermediate link to continue hard gain.

Wang Zejun's viewpoint is, although cloth human relations is special,crude price fell from every pails of 147.25 dollars July the 111.94 dollars August 18, fall for 24% , but this kind drops to still cannot make up for difference of domestic and international price, oil of domestic finished product still has every tons 1500 yuan of right-and-left price are poor. International oil price still is in more exalted buy, accordingly, the adjustment of finished product oily retail prices, possible meeting continues.

Another analyst that is not willing to disclose a full name expresses, in Zhang Guobao's speech, implicit the element to prospective market uncertainty. Such view can be not adjusted very clearly certainly, cannot unscramble the intent that gives administrative layer completely. The price of the sources of energy that even if is abroad continues to rise, but if domestic economy supports very hard, so the possibility that adjusts finished product oil is less also.
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