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Hair change appoint ministry of letter of the industry that join a club takes ov
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On August 19, industry and informatization ministry announce a car formally to produce enterprise and product on its government website (the 173rd batch) 2008 the 1st file, this one incident expresses clear hair to change appoint govern function about automobile industry with industry letter ministry delimit dispenses adjusted initial put in order to give main threads of an affair, department of policy of industry of industry letter ministry has received former hair formally to change appoint new car examines and approve authority, the car production company that involves in plan of structural reorganization of the State Council and product admittance duty delimit industry and informatization ministry manage formally.

  Examine and approve authority to be turned over formally

As we have learned, former hair changes appoint Xin Guobin of vice director of industrial policy department will believe a ministry to hold the position of director of industrial policy department in labour. Primary reason hair changes appoint industrial policy department and industrial department advocate industrial automobile industry, also will turn over to labour to believe department of ministry industry policy and equipment industry department administration.

Hair change appoint industrial policy department merges into after labour believes a ministry, will still continue to be in charge of car company and product admittance management, and hair change appoint the place of boat of industrial department car of reservation, basically be in charge of pair of automobile industries " major investment project " examine and approve, superintend what can not participate particular industry daily. Nevertheless, have likewise in the function that in labour policy of the industry that believe a ministry manages " participate in investment project examine and verify " this one, this is meant hair change appoint will be automobile industry the main body of examine and verify of major investment project, but industry letter ministry also will participate in examine and verify.

The personage inside course of study thinks generally, sending change appoint after believing a ministry formally to join a club with labour, although authority duty concerns to had managed clear, but the examine and verify that did not come in major project go up or will put in bigger variable, to car line of business the situation of bull management is returned temporarily cannot from go up at all straighten, what can make clear exclusively now is, labour believes ministry general more exert oneself Yu Wei watchs administrative level, and prospective hair changes appoint inspect manage function is met Xiang Hong watchs farther aggrandizement.

The whole nation meets by banquet of couplet of information of the market that use a car Cui Dongshu is to this evaluation: "Industry letter ministry and national hair change appoint relevant section will use up utmost implementation to communicate harmonious trouble-free, reduce administrative cost, drive automobile industry health to develop with science management. Drive automobile industry health to develop with science management..
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