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Hair change appoint ministry of letter of the industry that join a club takes ov
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A file is worth to pay close attention to more

The harmony between greater part is not can manage smoothly two days a day clear, and on an article that more attention dots center manufacturing company in this labour to believe a ministry to be announced first, look from gross, speed of mount a horse of own brand new car and joint-stock brand have equal shares.

In an article that is versed in letter ministry is announced this, share more than 10 to multiply win a birth certificate with the car. Among them, surprise luck

Although the masses did not announce the new car model of technology of gear-box of tie-in and newest DSG to media, but from now on second the new car list that publish can see a clue probably, catalog shows, one steam masses will have stride vacate

And the information of Chang'an Ford is made clear more apparently, number is the two old products of 7132/7152 is newest fine time without doubt

In addition, long the southeast car via the worry first own research and development is compact model Yue of car V3 water chestnut

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