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Will hold first without stannum " renown car
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One, mobile theme
All-around reveal 0 distance communication
2, mobile purpose
Rise ceaselessly as what flowing water of house the people's livelihood makes the same score, difference of life of urban and rural dweller also is narrowing gradually. Small to daily articles for daily use, arrive greatly house property, car, the purchasing power of dweller of villages and towns is put in very great potential. To comply with this one demand, " car friend signs up for " monarch alone " name of renown car • dish " itinerate of villages and towns extends this one new pattern. renown car, new car and Lou Panqiao of the characteristic that do not have stannum clever union, collocation exhibits, exhibit through car room couplet, offer a complete set of to serve program for more people. Car room is exhibited into villages and towns, not only active car of villages and towns, house property consumes the market, more car and open up of house property businessman a brand-new arena.
3, mobile organization
Mobile time: On November 8, 2008 (Saturday)
Mobile place: Before continent
4, mobile content
1. literary joint performance (the show of 2-3 hour)
Walk along show, song and dance and game link one by one to roll out through model ginseng exhibit a building dish reach introduction of car businessman model, in relaxed and cheerful atmosphere 0 distances experience a car, name dish distinctive glamour, carry an activity, the audience that invites the spot experiences the advantage of the changes of the times and life.
2. is exhibited without stannic brand car
Room allowing a car exhibits excellent doorway, make a brand outspread arrive community, let you be at the door the home can model of brand of choose and buy, hold through lasting regularly, become stannic city citizen to be worth to expect most, indispensable car exhibits regale.
3. does not have stannic building dish exhibit
Carry a building dish exhibit to ginseng of villages and towns, community, first beginning, widen market level, capture terminal client.
5, expect the result
1. Media conduct propaganda: Integrated media, have comprehensive conduct propaganda and story to the activity
2. Access conduct propaganda: Distribute DM single page, hang propagandist scroll, paste placard, steam wagon flow uses ad
3. The privilege that order: Enact mobile privilege measure, the spot buys a car or buy a room to have privilege
4. Displacement is civilized: The spot attends user of two handcart buying and selling, displacement, can enjoy after buying man-hour of car, maintenance, carry out, maintain privilege, evaluate division free by major
5. 0 distances participate in: 0 distances enlist the citizen, promote the osmosis of the brand force greatly.

6, ginseng exhibit expense
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