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Southeast car " joy guesses 31 choose Yue of 7 water chestnut winning V3 " had c
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By southeast car dominant " joy guesses 31 choose Yue of 7 water chestnut winning V3 " the network has reward after interactive activity is started formally on September 22, get the eager attention of broad netizen. In experience " 11 " after long holiday, participated in a number to had been broken through 200 thousand, the website clicks discharge is to exceed 1 million to close greatly more, achieve a network interactive sale new climax.

Sponsor square introduction according to the activity, consumer should land Www.v3-lingyue.com of website of product of Yue of V3 water chestnut only, 7 happy source with choose you to think the mainest from inside 31 happy option, leaving couplet is means, organic meeting wins take large award -- 10 years of access and award of joy of Yue of V3 water chestnut mix Yue of V3 water chestnut the substantial reward such as lucky award. In the meantime, participator wants to send his option link the good friend only, organic meeting is obtained recommend large award Ipod Touch.

As the Internet growth in Chinese explosion type, increasing home company hopes to use Internet to gain more commercial opportunities, seek cause client group. Internet is communicated effectively of enterprise and client in implementation, reduce respect of company sale cost to be being developed increasingly " La Hai " benefit.

Interactive sale is in intranet sth resembling a net all the time continuance, from before of tactical sex make a website or network ad, the reflection of the integral strategy that has to now and blend in. Everybody feels interactive to sale is a tide and trend, but value of what kind of commerce can you bring for the enterprise after all? Comfortable the media that after meeting Yue of V3 water chestnut gets offline, causes pays close attention to upsurge, southeast car takes the lead in playing happy card in competition of a lot of and congener product, type of movable mould of each other of sale of network of have the aid of, the communication with the public regards as in order to popularize joy masterstroke since the source, adopted at the same time relatively light with the means that is full of gout, additional monarch paths, cause in industry pay close attention to extensively and discuss, led a car the trend of sale again.

According to sponsorring square introduction, the guest layer fixed position of Yue of V3 water chestnut is hopeful the active, crowd that pursues more wonderful life, age of this part crowd is in 25 ~ is 40 years old between, the success that they are gone after and enjoys a career to go up and the joy that the family brings happily are experienced, yue of V3 water chestnut immanent idiosyncratic deliver target crowd, become this " joy guesses 31 choose Yue of 7 water chestnut winning V3 " real purpose.

The personage also points out related southeast car, guess joy the union with car product, what still cannot leave product itself is idiosyncratic with fixed position. Yue of V3 water chestnut is had with Japan 3 water chestnut, United States overcomes Laisile, Dodge the superior quality with collective and fiducial brand of 3 big international, use the model of feeling vogue, rich configuration, what can satisfy customer is multivariate demand, bring more joy to enjoy to consumer. This personage expresses: Beng of Mi of  a kind of net used for fishing or for dredging up river sludge chews Cong Jiao? we also hope consumer the model that because have,can resemble Yue of V3 water chestnut can satisfying more demand to be able to afford again already euqally and become more happy. " the times in this information explosion, average sale popularizes an activity to had passed product information effectively very hard target crowd, use innovation sale pattern, yue of water chestnut letting V3 shows itself in numerous competitor, be the advantage of interactive sale is in the network.
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