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Xi Huilu begins construction transform predict the end of the year is finishing
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Do know from the key, xi Huilu transforms a project recently already break earth, predict the end of the year is finishing this year.

 serves as the city that do not have stannum " on the west gate " Xi Huilu, it is a citizen head for benefit hill bystreet or cemetery of revolutionary martyrs often pick way, also be the main thoroughfare that resident of hill north area goes into town. But the design flaw as a result of stannic Shan Daqiao, the citizen of blame motor vehicle that left abduct enters Xi Huilu often meets right turn to enter the canal head on on the west the car of the road, avoid the danger in allowing a procedure is born like annulus, put in very big safe hidden trouble. Add river Lie piece the transforms ancient town of promotion and benefit hill development of the area, contradiction of this kind of traffic is even more apparent. In addition, whole of stannic benefit square is transformed and the development project of benefit hill ancient town, make of Xi Huilu transform appear particularly important.

 will transform a project this thoroughly on the west slope the traffic safety hidden danger of a fork in the road, accomplish person car depart, simplify traffic streamline. According to introducing, transform will stannic Shan Daqiao on the west slope " pull suitable " , build the new Xi Huilu that grows about 960 meters, make an appointment with in side of 308 army north 200 place and the road that understand benefit forms new crossing. Cancel to have stannic Shan Daqiao and canal on the west between the road turn to full line, use open up of road of benefit of current situation stannum to be not motor vehicle special path, make be not motor vehicle to be in OK and conveniently thereby the canal on the west change between road and stannic Shan Daqiao. In Xi Huilu and canal the road builds on the west wide the 27.5 spur track of rice Long Guanglu, regard stannum as Shan Daqiao and canal on the west between the road turn to full line, in order to cooperate stannic hill big bridge on the west slope is right the function of full line abolishs. When big bridge of hill of the stannum below the car that will come over from the urban district henceforth, uniform no longer right turn, and change Cong Longguang crossing to turn to the canal again on the west road, dissolve the venture when the bridge below car develops slope right turn thereby. The Xi Huilu after transforming designs speed to be 50km/h, long Guanglu is 30km/h.

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