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Club of treasure star car -- barbecue of red sanded bay is cross-country the act
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Dry,crisp air of autumn, orange osmanthus waves sweet, in the autumn day of wind He Rili, bring family, go the scenery is pretty too lakefront barbecue, participate in match of the cross-country activity that is full of stimulation, photography, enjoy nature to the top of one's bent.

Mobile time: On October 18, 2008 (postpone of wet activity time)
Scheduling: In the morning 9: Club of car of 00 treasure star assembles
Afternoon 15: 00 return
Share cost: Member price 70 yuan / person
Blame member price 100 yuan / person
Height is malcontent 1.4 meters children is free, exceed 1.4 meters children half price
Phone signing up: 0510-85119630 13812185050 blame gentleman

The Baoxingkelaisile that do not have stannum 4S inn
Address: Bank clear path of lake area bridge 888 (Mei Yuan stands hand in east the ramp of a bridge)
Sell a hot line: 0510-85505555
Service hot line: 0510-85137555

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