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Club of JJ sports racing car- - of person enjoying a car love most
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Club of JJ sports racing car held water 2007, it is an area that do not have stannum is the largest, the cycle racing campaign that has force most communicates platform. The team of JJ sports racing car below club banner also is in the city that do not have stannum sports bureau is registered, combine the line of professional racing bicycle that games registers formally in Chinese car, the first be the throughout history that do not have stannum, also be at present an exclusive profession surpasses motorcade. Motorcade basically enters tounament of countrywide car pulling force and countrywide car field at present tounament top class match of these two home. 2008 station of CRC Shanghai cent is surpassed in, motorcade with new army attitude, taking racing bicycle of brand-new 3 Fox pulling force to appear formally, obtained national cup club the achievement of the 5th.

The club has his working workshop and office area at present, change his costume or dress in cycle racing besides, still can offer each model the maintenance of car, maintain and change one's costume or dress wait for a service. Club base oneself upon does not have stannic mainland, playing national cup game while, the car campaign that also develops to reach circumjacent area without stannum energetically and promotion car culture. The motorcade technology platform that relies on major and perfect group are run, the club decides 2008 metaphase starts club member plan formally. We hope to use professional technology, the friend that it is a car serves; We hope to rely on the platform of the club, contact broad car friend, build jointly professional, high quality, the mobile platform of diversification.
As the member of the club, besides basic member right, the member that still can enjoy different meeting plans each includes service. Each members are equal, to each members, we redound the most enthusiastic acknowledgment is mixed considerate service. The member of agile diversity plans, the insider activity of rich and colorful, the racing bicycle of extraordinary experiences, have an objective only -- make best club!
Without club of racing car of stannic JJ sports

Address: Hai Donglu of river of the new developed area that do not have stannum 1288, inside trade of benefit source steam

Telephone exchange: 0510 - 82112833

Fax: 0510 - 82112833 - 8008

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