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The road has rough, I have Jeep
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As the classical model of SUV, the figure of JEEP® since World War II already thorough popular feeling. Jeep® exceeds wild performance strong, brawny and strong line, free and bold and unrestrained temperament, and it " without toward do not come, omnipotent " spirit, it is the dream of all men. Since Kelaisile it is Jeep® brand after entrance of Chinese all instead, had rolled out 3 models in succession, satisfied different user group need. Provide the Jeep® commander of general temperament quite, exterior edges and corners is trenchant, provide intelligence 4 drive system, it is the admiral model of Jeep® brand. The Jeep® with classic external form Daqienuoji is shirt-sleeve use the external form of feeling, accurate highway travel ride comfort and hold charge a sex, and excellent cross-country performance, have equipment of numerous and comfortable sex, provide the cross-country experience of inheritance and innovation for consumer. And appeared on the market in March 2008, jeep® provides Wrangler Unlimited of haggard Ma Ren of model Jeep® herd another times more, deduce what regard cross-country car as originator afresh, the military vehicle of the former juice raw ingredient that person of Jeep® herd horse brings designs characteristic, created a car can the limit that the top height above sea level that travel reachs records exceeds wild performance, have the person of cross-country experience most for those, and pursuit most " cruel " the people of the life is affixed not allow the unruly label of misdeem, become cross-country have a fever friendly choose culminatingly.

Brand-new person of Jeep® herd horse continued not only original Jeep® is classical the marrow of the model, and used brand-new frame, exterior equip with interior design, engine, security and convenience sex, provide more excellent performance thereby, more masterly craft, larger interior space, stronger comfortable sex, still have the fun that more open sail goes for a spin at the same time, more powerful motive force and admirable fuel economy and safety performance.

Herd horse person uses design of unique 4 open sail, expanded further the experience of Jeep® brand. It offerred 5 adult to take space and the largest carry cargo space first, the cross-country function that acceded to precede with level at the same time and daily practical. Herd horse person provides two edition model at the same time.

Brand-new person of Jeep® herd horse has straightforward and concise modelling color, can achieve first-rate of the car that be the same as class to exceed wild performance, still can offer true open sail to drive at the same time experience. Herd horse person with door of sincere axis, detachable type, appear type hinge, but the detachable type of the windscreen before overset type and innovation sex and fold type roof, retained the core value concept of Jeep® brand: Pursuit freedom, be brave in the actual strength of adventure, conquer and sterling character.
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