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Beforehand price rises Yue of southeast V3 water chestnut sixty-four thousand ei
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On October 11, southeast car announces Yue of water chestnut of strategic model V3 formally open to booking the price to be sixty-four thousand eight hundred - eighty-five thousand eight hundred yuan, exhibition hall of countrywide each agency begins to be accepted in the round book, at the same time Yue of V3 water chestnut " the meeting that taste Yue " the activity also will not have synchronism of stannic southeast storefront to spread out on October 18.
Before this, about Yue of V3 water chestnut final price has caused the wide attention of media, sixty-four thousand eight hundred yuan rise open to booking the price to sit solid Yue of V3 water chestnut is in compact model the powerful competition ability that price of car market tall sex compares. It is reported, be about to the Yue of V3 water chestnut that in October the bottom appears on the market formally 5 models all acceptability book, include comfortable edition, luxurious edition, admiral edition, admiral scuttle edition and admiral navigation edition, what these 5 cars embark is engine of 1.5L MIVEC of technology of 3 water chestnut.
The personage inside course of study is analysed, 100 thousand yuan the following compact model car, sexual price compares the key that is get victory. And the product power that if this is powerful,Yue of V3 water chestnut has, add on sixty-four thousand eight hundred yuan to rise to book the price highly competitively, yue of V3 water chestnut will become prospective car city cannot the force of small gaze.
Regard southeast as the car 2008 brand-new master piece, yue of V3 water chestnut blended in southeast car to be absorbed for years, introduce international the advanced technology that build a car and ceaseless exploration and the result that innovate independently, have capture the superior quality with the international collective and fiducial brand such as Laisile, Dodge with car of 3 water chestnut, United States. Yue of V3 water chestnut carries engine of 1.5L MIVEC of technology of 3 water chestnut, have the character such as good dynamical performance and low oily cost, wait in 60 kilometers fast bad news issueing oil is 4.3L only, under the item oil property of other 1.3L engine, achieve Europe Ⅳ to discharge a standard. Additional, yue of V3 water chestnut or in the car that be the same as class deploy intelligence exclusively to start boot of open of system, remote control without key engine the model that lid, DVD NAVI touchs acoustics of navigation system of satellite charging pattern, high fidelity CD to take the rich configuration such as MP3 music interface, science and technology advantage and drive fun be in harmony at a suit, bring more high quality enjoyment for consumer.
The reporter got come from the enthusiastic echo of consumer in feeling of southeast agency storefront, announce as what open to booking the price, the phone of Yue of advisory V3 water chestnut is thick as hail, still many impatient consumer had hurried to storefront to order on the spot, book quite fervent. "As consumption be attributed to reason, consumer hopes to have a quality admirable and the car that afford, as it happens of Yue of V3 water chestnut accords with this one character. Actually, the sexual price of Yue of V3 water chestnut anticipates than exceeding the market. " the personage tells a reporter related southeast car.
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