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Jin Ying is volant, hover without stannum
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Today, in without stannum auspicious carry on the west " Jin Ying appears on the market without stannum try drive meeting " hold ceremoniously, the accurate client of numerous auspicious Jin Ying and each media that do not have stannum witness Jin Ying to hover jointly without stannum.
In trying driven process, be sure to feels auspicious Jin Ying is held solidly accuse, driving fun gets very big rise, go up in Jing Yin especially auspicious Jin Ying has outstanding show, 41 decibel exceed enough of low quiet tone to make you enchanted.

On exterior design, eyebrow of lamp of headlight of auspicious gold eagle cooperates " angel eye " the design is sharp, the design of the net looks the King Kong that should be the same as the door than out in gentle many. Caudal modelling of Jin Ying is compared of the design relatively compact, can discovering auspicious design train of thought had been pure no longer imitated, this are worth to we are encouraged and support. The design that the window brushs without bone rain after is very practical, back a car however radar is in only luxurious model have with the ability on comfortable sex.

On interior trim design, the most apparent difference is the modelling of steering wheel, the design of 3 type moves quite, of two end protuberant and OK offer grasp well feeling, the appearance design of buy also is compared in novel. The modelling that the station controls in did not change, concise design is used rise very convenient, it is a hand only those who use standard type is medium accusing face plate is black design, and automatic and luxurious model face plate design is argent design.
On golden eagle brand, can see this. Relevant personage introduces auspicious car, jin Ying the choice that this name is 1 million him netizens, represented popular will. "Gold " the origin that indicates this model and auspicious King Kong concerns, platform of subject and same product, inheritance King Kong car is solid hold accuse, exceed the outstanding character such as low Jing Yin; "Eagle " it is the individual character element that drew lessons from lanneret on modelling design above all, especially the headlight before brilliant is gotten, used copy to give birth to design gimmick, a pair of eagle key points are sharp, in addition, "Eagle " best also explanation " the eagle attacks vast sky, Yu Xiang to go bottom, contest of day of 10 thousand kinds of frost is free " products plan concept, it is transition of auspicious car strategy, the figure of ceaseless enterprising is enjoyable.

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