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The 8th acting elegant cabinet exceeds 5 stars safety
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Today, by all places, Dong Xin and Xin of another name for Guangdong Province 3 combination hold " 5 stars of the 8th acting elegant Ge Chao are safe " the activity is held in the square that protect interest.

This Guangzhou cropland holds home successfully first car of Car To Car hits to the car experiment
Through undertaking study an analysis to producing traffic accident actually, the scale that the car hits to car happening is as high as 53% , it is to produce the form of a kind of collision with more odds. Accordingly, have more to car collision experiment into drive a vehicle representative.

Of world initiate " indoor all-around collision lab "
Honda built the first 2000 indoor all-around collision lab, initiated imitate the collision experiment of real story. Lab total floor area 41000 square metre, set driveway of 8 radiative shape in all, through combining these driveway, not only can emersion front collides, flank collision pursues the collision case such as end urgently, still can emersion every other 15 degrees all-around collision circumstance. All purposes of these experiments are to be below the condition that follows environment of real liaison man, ensure the collective safety of person and car.

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