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Wo Erwo of Oriental auspicious sheep- - car seeing a name, taste coffee, try, tr
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October 18, 2008, wo Erwo of Oriental auspicious sheep is held in 4S store center " car seeing a name, taste coffee, try, try drive " activity. Assemble of numerous intent client, gens love a car exhibition hall, will experience boreal Europe amorous feelings jointly.
Walk into exhibition hall of Wo Erwo of Oriental auspicious sheep, have the cake that Woerwo prepares meticulously for the client and coffee, the classical and artistic design that while you are enjoyed the Woerwo of high quality markets adviser to explain Woerwo in the round for you, advanced science and technology is crystal. Let you have the knowledge of a comprehensive clarity again to car knowledge, also can make you fall in love with Woerwo.

Wo Erwo Motor Corporation is boreal Europe's biggest car company, also be the industrial industry group with the biggest Sweden, one of 20 big Motor Corporation of world. Ministry of ministry, carring capacity car, coach ministry, component ministry, car sells commercial vehicle of subordinate of Wo Erwo Motor Corporation ministry and subsidiary of small passenger car. The product of Wo Erwo company is all-embracing, but main product remains a car.

Wo Erwo company takes absolutely and regnant place in boreal Europe besides all sorts of coach, carry cargo cars outside, its small passenger car is on the world also public praise is distinguished. Wo Erwo small passenger car with modelling concise, interior trim is luxurious and comfortable and famed, its outstanding security also is commend of common people place.
The car of every Wo Erwo that Wo Erwo company produces, reflect a Nordic everywhere that high quality, give a person with simple and unadorned the impression with rich edges and corners, although " Woerwo " was full of high-tech, but the Leng Jun that still does not break Nordic. "Wo Erwo " that elegant and dignified traditional style and contemporary clipper-built modelling are kneaded close together, innovation goes a kind distinctive modern. Safe and outstanding performance, unique design, comfortable Wo Erwo car, for the car advocate the OK and mobile home that provides to be full of warmth.

Wo Erwo of Oriental auspicious sheep is not to have tinnily area the center of store of Wo Erwo 4S of exclusive accredit, oriental auspicious Yang Yue will jump over perfect hardware establishment, top-ranking software serves, let you can enjoy exalted service of Woerwo.
Address: Before the city that do not have stannum learns east in Lu Youdu
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